There are no official CE-5 representatives or trainers.
An important message from Dr. Greer
It is very exciting to read and hear about CE-5 groups starting all over the world.
This needs to be an ever-increasing grassroots movement that lets the ETs know that Humans are reaching out to them in Universal Peace.
I just want to be very clear that we have NO authorized CE-5 teachers or trainers. We have learned that some people are organizing CE-5 events and charging for them. These are not authorized by me and are individual efforts not connected to STAR or SiriusDisclosure. The only programs about CE-5 that I am involved in are the ones that I organize and am present at myself.
It is purposely a loose structure of people learning and practicing on their own or in small groups.
There are people who in person and on YouTube who are using my name and image to appear to be associated with me. There is no way I can monitor what is said via these groups or videos and I have no idea if it conforms with what I teach or not. Unless it is an event where I am presenting or is material I have written I have no way of evaluating it.
We encourage people to learn the CE-5 protocols via our phone apps, The Contact Training Program and/or the videos at our youtube channel :
Material you come across from other places may or may not reflect what I teach and believe. For those of you who are part of CE-5 facebook pages please share this information on your page.
For the thousands and thousands of people doing CE-5 and reaching out to the stars in peace…WONDERFUL!
If 1% of the planet reaches out in Universal Peace we can change everything.
Keep looking up and thank you for your support,
Dr. Greer
STAR LLC | PO Box 265Crozet, VA 22920

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