You are invited to join The BeThePeace Challenge!
Let’s all be the peace!

Hello Dear Global Family,

International Day of Peace is almost here! This year we are celebrating World Peace Weekend and The PeaceRipples Institute is hosting The BeThePeace Challenge again!  This time it will be a 3-day BeThePeace Challenge, taking place Sept 21-23. Each day of the Challenge you will receive prompts to contemplate and respond to in our Facebook Group.  At the start of the Challenge you will also receive a guided visualization audio recording and a workbook to support your explorations of what it means to be the peace you wish to see in the world and how you can both embody and help to create that world now.
Upon signing up (all for free), you will also receive a 30-page BeThePeace Organizer Inspirational Booklet full of photos from our BeThePeace events over the years, along with information on the many ways you can get involved, host or join events, and participate in World Peace Weekend. Please sign up and invite your friends!
As usual, we are partnering with many great organizations.  We invite you to join the Global Broadcast that will be happening throughout the weekend, as well as Unifyre’s 10 minutes of synchronized silence for peace happening at 9am PDT on September 21.  Earthdance’s Prayer for Peace will be at 5pm PDT on the 22nd and Unify is hosting a global meditation at 12noon PDT on the 23rd.
Sign up at
With great love,
Catherine Douglas
BeThePeace Co-Founder
Have you seen the new video yet?
Check out our brand new video for The BeThePeace Challenge!  Last year over 800 people participated. This is a compilation of a small sampling of the videos that people sent in.  Thank you to everyone that joined and deeply contemplated these questions!
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