Hello Friend,

Ten years ago, I started doing live Writer’s Workshops around the world to help people like you get their book written and out into the world.

To say it was tough for me at the beginning is an understatement.

I am an introvert, and the idea of getting on stage and speaking for five or six hours terrified me. But, after encouragement from Cheryl Richardson and Louise Hay, I decided to give it a shot.

I knew back then that I have a lot of good information to share with people about getting their book written and published.

I also knew from working at Hay House about the power a book can have on a person’s life.

So, I set out to help as many people as possible get their books completed and out into the world.

At first, I just did the workshops live, all over the globe. I invited Hay House authors to join me and present their author journey, and shared the 20+ years of wisdom and experience I’ve gained working here—hard to believe I have now been at Hay House for 30 years!

Later on, we added an online Writer’s Workshop Course. We took 10 years of the course and put the best parts into an easy-to-use digital format on the web so that more people can learn how to become authors.

Today, I am offering you a chance to watch a FREE 4-part video MasterClass I have put together, called Becoming a Successful Author.

I will also be doing several free live webinars to help you get the information you need to write and publish your own book, so that more people can benefit from your life experience and wisdom. Sign up for the MasterClass now to be notified when these webinars happen.

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Whether you’re already an author, or are just in the idea-stage of writing your book, you should take a few minutes and watch this MasterClass. In it, several Hay House authors, including Deepak Chopra and Kris Carr, provide their wisdom about how to write and publish your own book.

Even if the thought of writing your own book makes you feel overwhelmed, or if you are wondering “Who am I to write a book?”—take the time to sign up for the Becoming a Successful Author MasterClass.

I truly want to help you get your book out into the world.

What if Louise Hay decided she was too busy or overwhelmed to write You Can Heal Your Life? Millions of people’s lives would not have changed for the better, all around the world!

And for those of you who are thinking you are too old to write a book… Remember, Louise Hay was 60 years old when she started Hay House and she continued to write books until she was 89.

Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House

P.S. I am also offering a FREE Quick Start Publishing Guide to help you get started on your publishing journey. You can download it today, right here!


Venture deep into the Amazonian jungle for the journey of a lifetime in Nick Polizzi’s new book about shamanic healing and spiritual transformation, The Sacred Science: An Ancient Healing Path for the Modern World. In this book, you’ll learn about the secret healing plants of the sacred rainforest and follow along on the journeys of 8 strangers failed by modern medicine as they attempt to heal their bodies and their lives.

When you buy the book, you will get FREE access to the following three incredible gifts:

  • Gift #1: Full Immersion Workshop on Shamanic Dreaming. Learn step-by-step how to work with your dreams, harness the secrets they hold for you and find out who you truly are and why you chose this life.
  • Gift #2: 90-Minute Workshop on Ancient Herbal Methods for Awakening Consciousness and Creating Sacred Space. Learn how to use common herbs to create ceremony, clear your space and enhance your sleep and dreaming.
  • Gift #3: Interview Series with Guest Experts on Shamanism and Plant Medicine. Join Gabor Mate, David Wolfe and Don Miquel Ruiz as they explore how to release trauma, access your intuition and use the power of your words to change your life.

Buy the book now to get full access to these gifts and more!

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Life Guide Meditation
By Bernie Siegel
Hay House Meditations Podcast on iTunes
Join Bernie Siegel for an inspiring inner journey to help you enhance your body’s immune system and unlock your own self-healing potential. It also helps you connect with your life guide to receive guidance and help.

To find out more about this author or any other Hay House author, please visit www.hayhouse.com.

Visit the Hay House Daily Meditations Facebook page for additional meditation resources.

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