6 Reasons Why Grounding Is The Key To An Easier Spiritual Awakening

 February 19, 2018 Spiritual Awakening
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6 Reasons Why Grounding Is The Key To An Easier Spiritual Awakening

by Kelly Ashley,
Guest writer, In5D.com

There’s a sad truth about grounding during spiritual awakening – we usually don’t realize how vital it is until its entirely too late. That’s what happened to me, although truth be told, for most of my awakening I didn’t even realize that I was ungrounded in the first place. I was so used to feeling anxious, overwhelmed, highly sensitive and cripplingly empathic that I just thought that they were natural parts of a hellishly difficult journey. I figured that it was me. Everyone else could handle it with grace and ease while I just ended up like a real hot mess. It wasn’t until morning broke from my dark night of the soul that I could see the journey so clearly, and that I’d unintentionally made it 100 times harder for myself. I didn’t realize that it didn’t have to be that difficult, or that there was any other option than to reluctantly struggle through it.

Grounding was key to transforming my awakening. Grounding took it from snowball effect that I couldn’t control, to sacred transformation that I was finally getting the hang of. If you’re unsure how to get fully grounded, don’t worry, I’ve created a FREE 5-day course that will help you reduce your symptoms and ground your energies – just like I did, but more on that in a minute.

Lets take a look at the 6 top reasons why grounding is the key to an easier awakening:

Grounding releases anxiety.

Oh the anxiety! It was the worst awakening symptom I experienced for sure. But what I didn’t realize then is that awakening anxiety is caused by our energies being so intensely stimulated and charged. There is literally too much light energy coming into our systems and not enough physical density in our bodies to anchor it or balance it out. So instead, we sit there like an electrical charger plugged into the socket with no way to discharge the energy, and it can make us feel horrendously anxious. But if we can properly ground the new energy coming in, we stop it from being stored or charged up in our bodies, causing us to feel anxious or panicked. Remember that you are the bridge, not the container. The physical body is not equipped to deal with immense energy like that, and it can create all sorts of problems.

Grounding reduces emotional sensitivity and intensity.

When we awaken, our emotions become extremely heightened. In fact, you may be feeling more emotionally sensitive than ever before. That’s because we are supposed to essentially be healing our souls, and this emotional sensitivity helps us to identify and feel whatever issues or pains we are carrying and finally release them. What we can FEEL we can HEAL. However, throughout awakening there are many things that actually further charge and stimulate our already volatile energies. The more charged we become, the more open we become. The more open we are, more emotions come up for healing, and the faster and more intensely they arise – and that’s when awakening really becomes truly out of control. If we can ground our energies we’ll still be sensitive, but it wont be heightened to unmanageable levels, and the issues that come up will be more compatibly spaced throughout our lives so that we can deal with them in a more balanced manner (phew!)

Grounding balances empathy.

I hear this challenge a lot, and I went through it too. Naturally throughout awakening our empathy is more heightened than it ever has been and truly, its a good sign. It means that we are developing a deeper sense of compassion and understanding for humanity, and that gentle compassion is a blessed gift. Its not such a blessed gift however when we go about our lives picking up everyone else’s ‘stuff’ and being unable to get rid of it. Perhaps you feel other people’s emotions too deeply, or you end up in agony from taking on someone else’s aches or pains. The emotions and feelings that you pick up on from people, places and things can become so intense and overwhelming that you might actually want to hide from people for a while (yes, after meeting a woman with Pleurisy and experiencing her awful chest pain for days afterwards, I actually hid in my bedroom for almost 4 months!) Many of us hit a point where we feel we just can’t handle any more and our empathy can feel more like a curse than a gift. But the truth is, that this level of crippling, intrusive empathy is a sign that we are wildly ungrounded. Our energies are too open and too charged and this opens up our intuitive senses to unnatural (and completely unmanageable) levels. Consistent grounding will reduce out of control empathy to more appropriate levels and make being around others on a daily basis much easier.

Grounding balances psychic abilities.

Our intuitive abilities aren’t supposed to be out of control. Our experiences should not be happening at inappropriate times, we should not feel ‘bombarded’ by spirit or other forces and we certainly shouldn’t be frightened or unnerved by anything we see. These are all signs that we are ungrounded. Like I’ve said before, certain things unintentionally charge our already super-charged energies, and when they do they can cause intuitive abilities to be unnaturally open. This strips us of our energetic boundaries and basically makes your space like a public rest stop, where anyone and anything can swing by and contact you. There is nothing to be afraid of, but we all intuitively know that its not good to be without energetic boundaries or for our psychic space to be so open and accessible without censor. Grounding will hone that energy in. It brings structure to the experience. It puts psychic boundaries in place and it helps us use our abilities in a focused, intentional way instead of wild and out of control.

Grounding brings mental clarity.

Whether your awakening has teetered on the edge of mental health concerns or you’re simply feeling lost and confused by your awakening experience, grounding is the answer. When you’re too ungrounded your brain literally can’t catch up. There’s too much spiritual and energetic information coming into the system that it can’t process, put into order, or make sense of. Grounding allows for a break from the bombardment of psychic information. Its a bit like the charger in the socket analogy I used earlier. Your brain is too charged and needs an opportunity to process all of these changes on the physical level. It literally allows your mind to rationalize the experience in a way that we can physically understand and make sense of in normal daily life. This is a special shift where we begin having ‘aha’ moments and powerful realizations that help move us forward in the journey.

Grounding aligns us with our purpose.

If you’ve been moving your way through awakening knowing that you have something important to do, but not knowing exactly what that is, you guessed it – you’re ungrounded. You need to remember that the entire awakening process is being held, guided and orchestrated by a much higher force than you or I. The universe is literally waiting for the right moment, when you’re sufficiently healed and cleared to awaken the wisdom within – to give you access to whats rightfully yours – your life purpose or soul mission. But the thing is, Spirit isn’t going to give that to you irresponsibly. They’re not going to give you the next step before they can see for sure, that you’re good and ready, together and grounded enough to handle a mission that requires you to be fully present. They need to know that you can recognize and hold this energy, and move forward with it while still maintaining a healthy mind, body and energy. Remember – you are the bridge, and the universe wont use you as a channel for the light until it knows, without a doubt, that you’ve aced these lessons and your soul has a confidence about it that says ‘I’ve got this.’ Rest assured that this confidence comes from all of the moments that you fell down. It is the training needed to sustain the high vibrational energy of 5D living. Being fully grounded, and present, balanced in your intuitive gifts and empathy and still clear and alert in your mind makes the perfect channel for higher vibrational energy – in whichever form you choose to express it.

Can you see why grounding really is the key to making your awakening much easier? Need some help with it?

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