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Greeting from Galactic Heart. . .

Recently we sent a posting asking for our PAO community to help prepare the world for disclosure and reunion with our Galactic neighbors. We prepared a link for you to share on social media, with your email groups, your friends and family (see below for details).


The Galactic Federation wants to empower and encourage our community to do their part to educate and prepare people for first contact. World events are quickening and the more people prepared with the Truth about our Galactic neighbors the less fear will take place.

It is part of our mission to prepare the masses for reunion with our Galactic families. Together, we can move our world forward and help transform it for the better!

We thank those of you who resonated with our request and put it into action. Truly, together we are Victorious!


Selamat Ja! 

You are Becoming a Galactic Human Link:

Thank you Paulette for joining us:

Dear Sheldon, 
I watched your video, Galactic Human 101, with amazement and appreciation.

Thanks for summarizing your lifetime of remarkable experiences and knowledge into this insightful video. I am deeply grateful for the light you are shining on our new lives.

The learning wall you described is especially important to me as a hands-on educator, personal historian and believer in the power of experience. It provides a direct interaction with the authentic experiences of the past. What this technology could mean for nurturing a new story into the world!

I sincerely hope for an opportunity to record and take your story where it needs to go. It would be an honor to serve you and our galactic family in this way.

With gratitude and joy, 
Paulette S.


Help PAO Spread the Galactic Word and Make It Go Viral


At this moment of its long history, our world is in an extreme state of chaos. There is so much confusion, so much fear, that it is not always easy, amidst all the turmoil, to find a clear path to certainty and truth.

The Galactic Federation and their Earth Allies, working behind the scenes, have gradually put in place the necessary strategies and systems needed to create abundance and disclosure. Their every effort is a step that will help lead us toward full consciousness.

Never before has it been more important for us to do our part to help spread Sheldan’s words. Imagine how it will affect people, upon hearing the Announcements, if they know nothing about the coming reality shift. It is the responsibility of Lightworkers to help educate those who are not yet awakened. We must be equipped and eager to share what we know with others.

As a Galactic Federation messenger, Sheldan, over the past 20 years, has kept us informed about our Galactic futures. We are the lucky ones, the first to find out about humanity’s journey to full consciousness.

Right now, the world has never been more precarious. We all have relatives, friends, and colleagues who are on the threshold of awakening. If ever there was a time for us to play an active role in sharing Sheldan’s messages, NOW IS THAT TIME!

To support you, we have created a “You are Becoming a Galactic Human” information page on our PAO Website. It contains links to Sheldan’s Webinar, ‘Galactic Humans 101’. Other links will direct listeners to short Webinar clips not covered in the GH101 Webinar. Links to Sheldan’s books, Webinar archives, and our free PAO newsletter are also included.

To assist Sheldan and the PAO in humanity’s awakening process, we ask you to send the “You are Becoming a Galactic Human,” link to at least 3 friends who are unfamiliar or unclear about Galactic information.

Help spread the Galactic word. The social media tools are at our fingertips to make the GF message Sheldan has brought to us go viral. Together, we can move our world forward and help transform it for the better!

From the fullness of our hearts, the PAO Team thanks you for your participation. Truly, Together we are Victorious!

Selamat Ja! 
PAO Team 
(Sheldan, Colleen and Miles)

You are Becoming a Galactic Human Link:



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