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Are you interested in feeding your family from your own home garden?

It’s deeply satisfying to know your meal was cultivated by your very own hands… from sourcing and saving seeds to building up fertile soil to capturing rainwater that nourishes your crops.

Or are you contemplating your next step in expanding your family garden — adding chickens or beekeeping to the mix? (Fresh eggs and raw honey at your fingertips? Yes please!)

During The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summittoday’s most innovative farmers, educators, tradespeople and off-the-gridders will share the “how-to’s” of modern homesteading in urban and suburban settings…

They’ll show you everything you need to know — from seeds to soil to irrigation to canning and preserving. They’ll also guide you in step-by-step best practices for raising chickens, beekeeping and more. And, they’ll share how you can make herbal remedies from your own garden and advance grassroots healthcare initiatives.

Plus, if you’re passionate about living in the healthiest, most sustainable way possible — for yourself, your family and our planet — you’ll discover essential environmentally friendly practices for protecting our planet’s precious resources while providing for your family, community and beyond.

So, if you have the heart, mind and will, but just need some easy-to-follow guidance… join us for 3 days of innovation at the no-cost Gardening & Homesteading Skills SummitOctober 17-19, 2017 and discover how to grow more, shop less, and save the planet!

Free Online Event
Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit
October 17-19, 2017

RSVP here for The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit — at no charge.

Whether you’re interested in expanding your garden, starting an urban farm, living in right relationship with nature, or treating your family through natural medicine (or all of the above!)… there are sessions for you during The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit.

Here are some of the skills you’ll discover from our master gardeners, urban farmers and homesteading experts…

  • How to gather & save your own seeds
  • Cultivating your own herbal remedies & natural healthcare products
  • The secret to raising happy, healthy chickens in the city & suburbs
  • Beekeeping practices for a sweeter homelife & more sustainable world
  • Grassroots, community-based healthcare systems — integrating herbalists, apothecaries, gardens, local farms, farmers markets & more
  • How farming is empowering women & girls of color — and reconnecting them with the earth
  • Rainwater harvesting & greywater capture — save resources + money
  • High-fertility soil practices for urban gardens & farms

And much more…

Plus you’ll be in good hands for this first-ever online gathering with educator, gardener, beekeeper, artist and activist: host K. Ruby Blume, Founder and Headmistress of The Institute of Urban Homesteading.

I hope you’ll join us for this “groundbreaking” event, which is the first time we’ve explored many of these areas that are essential for living in a healthy, eco-friendly way. For some of the teachers, this is the first time they have ever done an online summit so you’ll hear things that you haven’t been able to access in this way before.

Join The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit here — at no charge.

2015Headshot-Stephen.jpg With love,
Stephen Dinan

P.S. You’ll discover practical skills for you to live in more sustainable ways — including expert tips for starting or expanding your home garden, seed saving, soil enrichment, rainwater harvesting, animal husbandry, beekeeping and making your own cheese, just to name a few…

RSVP here for The Gardening & Homesteading Skills Summit — at no charge.


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