Our bodies are built upon a very specific mathematical and geometrical template which Da Vinci illustrated in his ‘Vitruvian Man’ drawing, which showed that a persons outstretched arm-span is exactly equal to that persons height to the atom.

We also have 12 strands of DNA, assuming you are carrying the original Angelic Human Coding, but due to a number of unfortunate events only 3 strands are operation as strand 3 is unable to plug into strand 4 due to missing sub frequency bands in strand 3….. This is what causes us to not be able to remember our dreams, be unable to perceive the Astral plane whilst fully conscious and awake, and is also responsible for our need to sleep. Sleep is what you think it is…..

We are told we like a battery… We wake up in the morning with a full charge and as we go about our day that charge decreases causing us to feel sleepy near the end of the day causing us to have to sleep to recharge our batteries….. This is totally false and not true at all.

All things in manifest creation, including Human Beings, accrete frequency into their templates and DNA as they move forwards through time….. This is the fundamental function of all things. This constant process of frequency accretion is designed to build our DNA strand by strand meaning once one strand is complete you will automatically move to the next…

Each strand is sub-divided in 12 sub frequency bands; thus 12 Strands = 144 sub-frequency bands… Our inactive stands 4-12 are referred to by our science as ‘junk DNA’ which is an inaccurate term as it just hasn’t activated yet…. Each band only comes into operation once the strand below has completed its frequency accretion cycle…..Some people refer to this process as ‘Spiritual Evolution’….

All things carry their own specific frequency…. Therefore if you are in the process of building strand 2 you will be interested in taking part in activities and experiences that carry that frequency…. Once you move onto strand 3 you will be most likely disinterested in activities that carry a lesser frequency as you’ve already filled in that strand so from a spiritual evolutionary standpoint its pointless and you will seek out activities in the area of the current sub-frequency band you are working on…. This is why people who are in the process of ‘spiritual awakening’ (to higher bands) suddenly lose interest in watching TV whilst those still working on lower bands are happy to sit there all day watching the X-Factor and soap operas……..

People working on building higher strands obviously no longer engage in the same activities as people working on lower strands and as all information and communication is carried on a frequency wave, this difference in frequency can create communication issues which is the fundamental reason for some couples splitting up when one chooses a spiritual path and the other does not.

Its a given fact that any person can only understand something from their current level of frequency….. Introduce them to information that carries a level of frequency that they are not yet ready to process and they will push that ‘thing’ away until they are ready to engage with that frequency in the future. This is why people who have not yet had a spiritual awakening find it so difficult to understand those who have…. Its all about processing waves of frequency….

If you Talk to your 80 year old Grandad about computer programming you will likely see his eyes glaze over and you may possibly fall asleep… This is because you are hitting him with a frequency wave to powerful for him to process so it overpowers his template and causes him to want to fall asleep… This is exactly the same process if a person of higher frequency attempts to explain concepts of much higher frequency to a person not yet to that level…. They will push that frequency wave away, possibly fall asleep, maybe run away, maybe insult you to get you to stop, maybe ask you for more…. I’ve had all of these any many more….

Why does a frequency wave cause you to fall asleep?
As mentioned earlier we have missing sub-frequency bands in DNA strand 3 which translates into our awake consciousness being unable to perceive anything occurring in the higher portion of your D3 consciousness (Dimension 3 Mental Body is your awake consciousness). Whilst awake we only have access to the lower part of our D3 consciousness….

This also means that the natural energetic circulation that travels though, and connects with, all the multiple layers of our 15-Dimensional Anatomy is unable to pass through these missing sub-frequency bands around the middle of D3 which not only causes a lack of multi-dimensional awareness to anything above this gap, but also another unfortunate side effect……

Why we sleep

As we accrete frequency throughout the day it builds up in our lower D3 field as it is unable to circulate though the missing gap layer. This causes us to energetically inflate like a balloon progressively during the day and when we approach our personal energy holding capacity we feel ‘tired’ which motivates us to want to fall asleep. Sleep is actually the need to release this frequency to begin circulating and integrating throughout the rest of our multi-dimensional anatomy.

What this means is tiredness is not a lack of energy as we are taught, but a huge abundance of frequency that is crying to be released…. When we fall asleep our point of awareness (consciousness jumps from the lower part of D3 to D4-D5 which most people simply call dreamland… This is actually the astral plane and is a far less dense reality field than here so our consciousness is able to shape the environment at will….. We don’t remember our dreams fully as the experiences we had in those higher bands are unable to get down to us here whilst awake thus blocking them from our waking conscious awareness…. As soon as we fall asleep and shift our consciousness out of D3 it unlocks all this built up frequency in our D3 field and it begins circulating through out our entire multi-dimensional anatomy structure. As long as we get a nice sleep and wake up naturally, all these flows, that function correctly whilst asleep, will have distributed the built up frequency where it needed to go thus giving us a nice normal D3 field to begin our day with….. Unfortunately upon waking the distortion kick in again causing the frequency you experience to begin inflating your lower D3 field again…. Let this bubble inflate too much and you will start to hallucinate because your D3 field is beginning to bulge into D4 (the Astral Plane).

How to accelerate our spiritual growth

Why are people at different levels of frequency accretion? How do we accelerate our frequency accretion faster than normal?

If taking on board frequency is how we build our DNA then why aren’t Doctors, who study for 10 years, not the most highly evolved spiritual beings on the planet due to amount of frequency they take on? …. This is because the information they are studying is all stuck at the same level. Unless they attempt to reach higher they won’t progress…. Unfortunately within the Fallen Angelically controlled medical Community, and all mainstream sciences, there is no higher frequency information…. It’s explicitly built this way to keep humanity spiritually locked down.

Why do you think our TV media is full of fear, sex, conflict, materialism? ….. Its all to keep us fed on a diet of lower frequency band information so we don’t Spiritually Progress forward and grow to new higher bands of consciousness…. All this is designed as an anchor to hinder of spiritual advancement by keeping us locked in a very specific lower band of frequencies. Once we move beyond these bands (mind control Net) they are increasingly unable to manipulate and control us as with higher frequency bands comes higher perceptual awareness….. Essentially spiritually awakened people get a fairly accurate BS detector as standard. Also, as explained, they are no longer interested in the diet of lower frequency band information served up by the fallen angelically controlled media as they have moved onto higher bands……. Thus the job of the media, and most elements of officialdom, is to keep this from happening for as long as possible as their entire system of control depends on it.

In order to advance spiritually faster than normal, you need to do what you are attracted to, do lots of it, sleep, do some more, sleep, and continually challenge yourself with information and concepts higher than where you currently are… Meditation is great as it partially opens the flows through the missing sub-frequency band layer allowing limited perception of higher bands and a partial release of built up frequency….. Of course the fastest way is to engage with the techniques and frequencies of the KDDL3 course by Arhayas Productions, as this assists you in rapid Spiritual Evoloution on Cosmic Steroids….Of course this is not for everyone.

Be aware there are agendas on this planet to keep you locked down in lower frequency bands so basically try to always aim higher…. Plonking yourself in front of mind numbing TV and media will simply serve to keep you locked down. Always aim higher than where you are as thats exactly what the forces running this planet don’t want… Enough people do this and the 100th Monkey effect kicks in meaning humanity will break free of these lower bands en-masse thus becoming free of control.




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