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There is so much we can say about the times we live in that even picking a topic can feel overwhelming. Like many of you, I found myself heartbroken several times this past month when seeing/feeling/reading about the various challenges and events going on around the world. Then, I would feel heartened by the way we are showing up for each other and learning to adapt. These times are like a heart-roller-coaster if you’re letting yourself sense it all as you go (and not in one of the moments where you need to change focus in order to re-center or have a rest for a moment).

I notice myself living in my heart more than ever recently, and having a deeper more direct experience of what the vastness of Heart Energy means. It’s no surprise that more of us are feeling that way, at a time when a lack of heart and empathy is aggressively playing out in some areas of the world stage.

So, as my guides (the Z’s) would say – that experience of amplified heart puts me right on track with where I need to be right now, and with the growth that these current energy tornadoes on Earth are sponsoring in all of us. For that reason, and because I am a week away from having the October Energy Forecast ready, I created a short message for us from the Z’s (see below).

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I look forward to exploring more of these themes with all of you in the Portal live Q+A broadcast on Saturday 23rd September (archived broadcast will be available from Monday 25th, so don’t worry if you miss it live!).

Big love everyone

I asked my guides, “What advice would you give for the OVERWHELM that hits us during these times?”. Here was the reply:

Find STEADY GROUND where and when you can.

Understand the need to do this regularly if you want to stay balanced and flow with these times.

Steady ground may be found in nature, peaceful places or healthy relationships. It may be in taking 5 minutes of silence to yourself regularly, if your situation is more limited where freedom of choice is concerned.

This is a time where you will be compelled to FIND STEADY GROUND and to disengage from situations or relationships where chaos or imbalance reign.

Emotions are running high on Earth which means that those of you with sensitive ears (emotional hearing) will find yourselves running out of energy/patience/grounding with greater regularity than before. Even if you feel clearer and more capable of loving relationships than ever, the intensity of emotion that many are purging can take a toll from time to time, or when experienced for long periods. Especially as many are unconscious of the level of emotion and energy they are running through their words and actions.

You are in a DEEP CHANGE PROCESS on Earth, where change is hitting you from all sides. This makes it feel as if everything is faster than ever.

SO this means that the challenges for maintaining your center are real. The center of the collective energy field is changing, so equally is your personal energy field. You have to re-find and rediscover the center of your personal energy field regularly. Try new things that you haven’t tried before, as much of the old won’t work any more. And more importantly, NEW DISCOVERIES is one of the benefits of this time, on personal and collective levels. This can look like new talents, abilities, passions, levels of relationship, becoming interested in areas of life you previously had no interest for. CHANGE IS HAPPENING and when you can embrace new change, it makes mourning or grieving for the past status quo less painful.

The energy level that creates new personal and social discoveries at this time is strong, and is like being carried on a wave, or a stormy sea. Think of it as a dance energetically – things in your life will tighten, then release, then expand. TIGHTEN, RELEASE, EXPAND. So you may find relationships, creative endeavours or tasks incredibly challenging or complicated in one moment, and then an hour later, a release will happen, and a new level of understanding or energy can occur. But diving into the complication may feel unpleasant, unsettling or unwanted.

“Stop the ride I want to get off” may be what many of you feel in the challenge moments of these fast times on Earth.

But seeing the challenge or difficulty through, one step and one breath at a time, will be the way to access the new height it presents.

SO, if you can redirect your focus toward “I allow the inner changes required for me to thrive. I allow the inner changes required to help me best serve these new times”, THEN the ‘compression’ times will move into expansions at far greater speed.

We send you love, and a reminder, that while what is going on around you can seem bewildering, at a soul level it was always known to you that this level of chaos and change would need to take place in order to purge more darkness from the Earth.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I feel “solid” and the heart is BURNING with DEEP BLISS. My body is warm and alive. All of me is vibrating AND YET I am in the centre of it all… DEEP GRATITUDE, for this GIFT of guiding me towards the I am that I am!!!!!!!! LOVE and BLESSINGS to each heart!!!!!!!”  – Eva
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