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Published on Sep 16, 2016

Alien Invasion 2017 False Flag Full Disclosure
Dr. Steven Greer Sirius Disclosure Planet X Nibiru Pole Shift


Published on Aug 26, 2017

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Published on Mar 9, 2017

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** @ 01:21 He doesn’t want to talk about cannibalism.**

William Tompkins, aerospace engineer and author of SELECTED BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS all about the Nordic and Reptilian involvement in building the secret space program, the nature of the predatory reptilian species, the roots of pedophilia and satanic rituals, the quiet coup and the people taking back their power in the U.S.

As a teenager, William Tompkins’s keen eye for detail nearly landed him in hot water with the Navy as his models of Navy ships included specifications which were classified. However, the Navy took interest in his capabilities and recruited him into their Intelligence programs to work on advanced technology projects. After the Navy, Tompkins worked within highly classified think tanks designing advanced weapons for aerospace companies, including North American Aviation, Northrop and Douglas Aircraft Company. He even assisted with the Saturn and Apollo Space Programs for NASA.

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