The Particle Convergence Transmission
 with Akasha Sananda, Tiara Kumara & Christof Melchizedek
and the Egypt ‘Particle Convergence’ Transmission Team of 50 Initiates
New Moon Monday, August 21
If you haven’t yet signed on…
This empowerment initiates a complete rewrite of your own timelines to securely anchor you into the zero point ascension spiral.
This is an immense initiation for all of us and is expected to give unprecedented access to a completely new holographic foundation, which supports the emergence of multidimensional and unity templating.
The Facilitators and their entire Egypt Expedition group of 50 are transmitting to you from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. This is after two weeks of initiation and traveling through the ancient Egyptian temples and their coded frequencies.
We are Transmitting from the Great Pyramid in Egypt
Together with our group of 50 spiritual initiates, we will be transmitting direct to you direct from the Giza Plateau in Egypt, known to be a major vortex portal and interstellar gateway into higher dimensional realities.
This geographical hot spot also serves as main nodal point and ‘central power station’ of the planetary Crystalline Grid system. It is from here that we will transmit to you from inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.
This powerful group of lightworkers is taking an active role to receive and encode the Particle Convergence and the entire “energetic” that it reflects. The two weeks prior to this transmission, this transmission group will be visiting several of the sacred temples along the Nile, culminating at the Great Pyramid.
These are same temples of initiations were used during the time of ancient Egypt and where many of our own soul aspects were also a part. Today, we return as a way to receive activation and absorb specific encodement that was programmed for release during this immense time of planetary shift.
Needless to say, we will be quite charged while coming to you through the planetary Crystalline Grid as a super amplified field of energy and channel for the Particle Convergence Transmission.
On behalf our entire Egyptian transmission team of 50 of your soul mates, we hope that you are inspired to join us in this super immense intentional transference.
Much love and namaste.
Tiara, Christof and Akasha
I AM Avatar | Blue Ridge Mountains Asheville, NC 28801

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