As one of the “older” Teachers of Transformation I´ll give you my perception on this topic: I think for a certain phase it is important to find a teacher with an ongoing group set which you like, to have the support you need for dealing with deeper issues. And I suggest also to stick with it continual, without flipping from one group to the next, next, next. Some issues are veeery old stuff and it takes time to work through, but if you do, you´ll be happy after. If you are looking for the one person with the magic stick…forget it. I was looking for it a long time too. Your expansion happens by going through your stuff, not by someone taking it away from you. After 30 years of doing this transformational work with people, I can clearly see the difference between people, who are really willing to work on their stuff and are processing it and the people who just like tipping the top of the iceberg, having a short high, before hopping to the next high somewhere else. The “hopping people” just didn´t come forward, staying stuck, when the short highs stopped, leaving them behind with an even bigger low. Money….if you are honest, when you really want to do something, you will always have it. May be you have to take a look at your preferences concerning what you spent the money for. If you are an honest student, you will always find ways with a good teacher, to make a deal in exchange work flows, instead of paying money. It was interesting for me to see in my earlier years of teaching, that it were ALWAYS the people who I invited to stay there for free for their lack of money, who didn´t do the “homework”, who weren´t coming regularly or who stopped coming after a while….till I stopped this structure…, here is something to think about. The internet is a great support to keep you on track daily, when you have already your own roots of consciousness…but it´s different to be in contact with real people, when dealing with difficult stuff. My love to everybody, Arya

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