David Icke Discusses The Political Awakening In The Wake Of Trump

JUNE 14, 2017

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani interviews David Icke about Trump, Brexit, the UK election and other current events. Icke explains how you can determine the truth from fake news, why some alternative news figures got fooled by Trump, and how the great political awakening will continue to manifest.

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Vin Armani is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post, TV Star of Gigolos on Showtime, entrepreneur and co-founder of agorist newsletter community Counter Markets. Follow Vin on Twitterand subscribe on YouTube. Get the weekly podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Vin is available for interviews at email – Vin (at) VinArmani.com.

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