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Deepening Presence
Each month we will highlight a teaching or practice from Eckhart’s featured talk. We encourage you to join us in focusing on this practice for the month.
“Come to Your Senses”
In this month’s featured talk, Eckhart discusses the dangers of having our awareness absorbed by external stimuli, including the mobile devices that demand our attention. To assist us in the ongoing task of stepping out of thought, he tells us that it’s helpful “to come to your senses.” That is, to practice perceiving things around you without imposing mental commentary on your experience.
With this month’s “Deepening Presence,” you’re invited to practice using your sense perceptions of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch as a portal to Presence when you sense your attention being pulled into thinking. For example, the next time you walk from one place to another, practice looking and listening without resorting to mental interpretations. Become aware of “Being” and allow a calm, objective perception to unfold as you explore awareness without mental interference.
We would love to know how this practice worked for you. Please visit our communityFacebook group and share your experience with this practice.
Enjoy the practice . . . and we look forward to hearing about your journey.

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