Please join us Saturday April 1 for our next Global Shift Meditation, led by David T. Nicol, director of the Gaiafield Project.

Our usual host for this series, David T. Nicol, is also one of the world’s foremost authorities in the emerging field of subtle activism, the idea that our focused collective intention can have a powerful impact on social and planetary change. David is especially passionate about the potential of coherent group fields to serve as extraordinarily potent transmitters of sacred presence into the collective.

The conscious group field possesses a complex spiritual intelligence that enables it to absorb and respond to collective events in ways that are beyond the capacities of most individuals. Where one individual is weak, another is whole. In this way, the group field has a harmonizing effect that balances out the deficiencies or egoic distortions of any one of its members.

On Saturday, David will share about Gaiafield Synergy, a new method for co-creating profoundly coherent group fields that seed positive change at very deep levels of individual and collective consciousness. He will talk about the significance of this and other similar methods emerging at the forefront of evolutionary spirituality that seek to access the collective wisdom we need to navigate successfully the global crisis that looms before us. David will guide us in a Gaiafield Synergy practice to harness the power of our collective truthfulness to cut through the false and illuminate the truth — both in ourselves and in our world.

We hope you can join us to bring the spirit of Truth to a world that badly needs it!

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Stephen Dinan

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