2/19/2017 Archangel Gabrielle

Started by Genoveva, 19 February

Greetings dear ones! I AM Archangel Gabrielle, Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel and Lily of the Love, Bringer of the News and Trumpet of the Truth, and I step forward in Joy and Love to greet you today and to remind you that you are greatly appreciated and honored for Everything that you are and do in every single moment, and it matters not that you are basking in the sun and wondering if this is real spiritual work, if this is of any benefit to you and others, if this is of service to others and especially to the Mother’s plan, or if you are heavily lifting cement blocks and building a home for the homeless and the deprived and unfortunate ones, sweating and physically engaging all of your muscles and mind and deep emotions in this work of reconstructing and rebuilding the Nova Earth. As long as you are having Fun and you are Loving in every moment extending your Love and Light to everyone in your path, including and starting with yourselves, then know, that you are of great service to others and to the Mother, that She wants nothing else from you, but to really enjoy your journey, to have fun, playing and learning and expanding your Being in every way you chose.

As you well know by now, is that what it is important in to have faith in yourselves, in your ability to Be the one to find and follow that fine line of your Divine plan and your heart and Love direction, that will take you always, exactly where you needed to be in any given moment. Release all these fears of Not Being able to stay constantly in your Light and Love, of Not being and displaying the best performance that you are setting yourself up and expect to Be, and know that you are the Best that you can Be in a human form that it is a very and extremely limited form that you have taken at this time and for a wonderful and exciting purpose, to assist the whole humanity to ascend and to take this form with you in the Higher realms, in a very careful and gradual fashion. This human form that you are inhabiting at this time, will be soon changing shapes and structures, but it will take some time in your physical sense, and you will have to Be patient and wait that all of your Bodies, especially of your physical vessel and your brain to getting adjusted and to becoming aligned with your rapid growth and wonderful expansion. The pains and aches, all the physical symptoms that you are experiencing now, are in part caused by your impatience and your attempt to take your unprepared physical parts into the dimensions and realities that are incompatible with the remnant carbon based structures of your physical vessel. You are changing and upgrading your molecules and cells in a very individualized fashion and not two of you are the same and so, follow your unique Soul guidance and release gracefully and without any judgment, all that is needed to be discarded,  before you can safely take all of It with thee and encounter no resistance and no pain.

Remember to send Love to these parts of yourselves, since this is the fastest way to change and upgrade anything, but Be patient and loving towards yourselves and let go of all of the expectations, fears and doubts.

You are doing a marvelous job and you are indeed all that you have planed and wanted to Be at this times of chaos and turbulence, you are the brilliant Beacons of Light , the wayshowers for so many and you are the Love in action in everything that you do.

I will shower and wrap you with My golden bubbles of infinite Love, with an abundance of peace and comforting Joy and Bliss.



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