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In February of last year, we gave a message entitled Destabilization. As you enter 2017 the global destabilization we discussed in that communication is accelerating at a much more rapid rate.

The focus of this message, however, is not on the destabilization process but rather a new sound meditation that we wish to impart to you. It is an energetic antidote that can help you to counter the negative consequences of destabilization on your body/mind and spirit.

This new sound meditation is called Restoration. It is, in fact, a celestial chorus from the higher realms of light that can impart to you deeply nourishing and restorative energies.

In order for you to derive the greatest benefit from Restoration, we wish to discuss briefly the holographic nature of your universe, including your physical body.

From our perspective the entire physical universe is illusory in nature, a holographic projection of light.

Your physical body is also a holographic projection and is part and parcel of a greater hologram you call the cosmos. Thus, there are strings of energy that connect you to the universe as well as to the highest realms of light. These connections between you, the cosmos and the realms of light are part of your innate nature.

When you attain higher states of consciousness the illusory nature of physical existence and your reality as a being of light becomes more clear. But as an embodied being your consciousness is anchored in sensory perception. Thus you live in two worlds simultaneously—a world of exquisite freedom, unbounded by time or space and your embodied existence that binds you to Earth.

As your Earth morphs into new realities and enters more chaotic states your body/mind complex is being deeply challenged.

Even those of you who are clearly on the upward path to higher states of consciousness may, at times, find the challenges of global destabilization difficult to contend with.

The Restoration sound meditation can help you restore yourself in the face of personal and global challenges. But for you to benefit more deeply from this sound meditation we wish to elaborate on what is occurring when you listen.

The sounds that comprise this meditation are codes. They pulsate with vitality from the higher realms of light. And if you listen to the sound meditation properly the vitality of these sound codes will be transferred into your physical body—into the very cellular matrix itself.

We suggest three different ways of listening. Each subsequent listening level will unveil to you the deeper magic and power of this sound meditation. Start with the level that feels most comfortable to you and as you progress you can experiment with the next level.

The Basic Level

We strongly suggest you listen to this with stereo headphones or earbuds so that the sound codes are the primary auditory input. We also suggest you listen to this with your eyes closed so that the music becomes your primary sensory experience.

With a relaxed focus of attention, enter into the architecture of the sounds. Follow the progression of the vibratory energies and sense how they are affecting you. In this method your entire focus of attention is on thesoundscape. When your mind wanders simply bring it back to the sounds.

The Intermediate Level

In this way of listening your focus is still on the soundscape but your focus includes your physical body. It’s as if your entire body is listening to the sound codes and the celestial chorus. When you listen to the sound meditation in this way, the transfer of vitality and restoration will move deeper into your body.

Those of you who have a developed kinesthetic sense will intuitively know how to do this. For those of you less familiar with bodily awareness, we have a few suggestions.

Act as if your physical body is actually hearing the sounds. Even though you know that the sounds are being received through your ears and the auditory pathways of your brain, imagine and sense that your body is also hearing the sounds.

Sense how the sound codes vibrate and resonate different areas of your body. For some of you these sound codes will also vibrate your energy field, what the ancients referred to as the aura.

The Advanced Level

In this way of listening you sense your body as a galaxy of stars.

Each cell of your body is a star, which emits light. This type of biologically-based light has been identified as Biophotons in the new science of Biophotonics. This is not a metaphor. It is a physical reality of your bodily nature.

Just as with the previous ways of listening, your focus is on the soundscape and your physical body. You are simply adding one more element—the clear impression that your body is a galaxy of stars.

As you attain this sense of your body as a galaxy of light, each star or cell of your body will receive the pulsating vitality from the sound codes at a much deeper level.

Understand clearly that this sound meditation is a gift from the celestial worlds. The celestial chorus and all the voices combine together to create pulsating vortices of energy.

The sounds you hear are analogs to vibrational shifts in the light realms.

When you listen to the sound meditation in the manner just described, the cellular matrix of your body will enter into a high state of vibrational receptivity.

To the extent that you are able to enter into this state of mental and bodily awareness the sound meditation can impart to you extraordinary restorative energies.

The meditation is about nine minutes in length. Hopefully this will allow those of you with a very busy schedule to set aside this brief period of time for personal restoration.

If you have the grace of extra time we suggest experimenting with listening to the sound meditation several times in one listening session. This will reveal to you deeper levels of nourishment and restoration that reside in the sound codes.

As the world enters into further destabilization and chaotic states it is our hope that this sound meditation will prove to be a means for you to navigate through the treacherous waters of global change.

We send to you from the deepest place within our Collective Heart the impulse for new creation in the very midst of destruction.

The Hathors
February 18, 2017

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

There is true transformational magic in this sonic meditation, but it will most likely only reveal itself to you if you make it the sole focus of your mental attention. In other words, don’t multi-task.

The Hathors created this sound meditation for the sole purpose of bringing restorative energies to your body/mind and spirit.

I feel compelled to say, in the context of this meditation, that the word “spirit” does not have a religious connotation. Rather it is more related to its Latin origins as in the word spiritus. Like many words from ancient languages, the word spiritus has multiple meanings including, in this case, breath, courage and vigor. When we feel inspired by something, we often spontaneously take a deep breath—a physiological expression of the relationship between our breath and powerful emotions.

The Hathors mentioned a very interesting and profound relationship between this sound meditation and the body’s Biophotonic network of light. For those of you unfamiliar with the science of Biophotonics, I would refer you to the work of Alfred Popp. You can also find further information about Biophotonics, including links to other source materials by going to the Articles section of our website (www.tomkenyon.com) and clicking on Biophotonics-Class Handout.


Recently I was hiking through Runyan Canyon in Los Angeles and snapped this picture. Given the grave state of world affairs, I think this photo speaks most eloquently to how I feel about this latest Hathor sound mediation and our human family.

(c)2016 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved

The burst of sunlight through the tree is like the restorative energies that are available to us from the celestial worlds—but only if we choose to partake from them.

Walking up the hill to the light of Restoration are a handful of people. A lone figure to the far right is looking out to the vistas that are clearly revealed to him or her having been psycho-spiritually renewed through the grace of Restoration.

When I decided to post this photo in my comments, I thought about removing the fence to the left of the tree for aesthetics’ sake. But then I realized that it was a perfect metaphor for our predicament.

There are many fences that would separate us from the grace of Restoration. Some of them are social conventions and beliefs, some are a result of social stress created by the current rise of political polarization, some are hidden in the cloak of religious or spiritual dogma and some of them are internal inhibitors that keep us from receiving the grace of Restoration that flows from our own inner natures.

Part of the task for receiving true Restoration is to find our way around those external and internal fences that have been erected to separate us from the grace of renewal.

There are indeed many ways to find true Restoration. This latest Hathor sound meditation is just one of them. If it resonates with you, I think you will be blessed by its effectiveness.

And if you choose some other way, it does not matter so long as you find some means to psycho-spiritually restore yourself in these increasingly challenging times.

Whatever path to Restoration you take, may it be swift and may it be a blessing to you, your loved ones and to all sentient beings.

Tom Kenyon

Note: This Restoration Sound Meditation is actually an edited excerpt from a Star Song that the Hathors sang through me during a Hathor Intensive in 2015 called The Sprial of Ascension.  The base recording for that Hathor sound meditation was an earlier song I recorded called The Voices of Iona that appears in a CD called Voices from Other Worlds.

The Restoration Sound Meditation

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