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Welcome to PAO’s Live Webinar for February…

Feeling overwhelmed by today’s constant barrage of fear?

The power of Love can free us to prepare for announcements and our shift to full consciousness.

Spreading Love Not Fear ~~~

How We Can Shift Our Fear to Love


Topics include…

• Dark Cabal’s agenda to manipulate us with fear 
• How our 3D system is built around fear 
• The Galactics: benevolent beings of Love 
• How the Galactics will mentor us to awaken our Love 
• How our love can overpower fear and move us toward 5D

Sunday, February 19, 12 to 1:30 p.m. PST


Thursday, February 23, 6 to 7:30 p.m. PST

Talk to Sheldan Live…simply by using your home computer 
(After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

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Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

A New Point of No Return ~~

Part I, February 2017

Along every path, there comes a point that, when crossed, marks the place where a new and higher awareness arises regarding your higher purpose and the reasons that you chose the path you did. At this point there frequently arises an awareness that the worst or most difficult part of your journey is behind you, and from then on the path will provide you with increasing opportunities to practice your mastery and your living as the Presence of God embodied.

~ Jeshua the Christ


The more you align with this new point of no return, the more you move into new awarenesses with such presence, that you will never again choose to live in a limited state of being. It will seem as though you are on a completely new path and you will experience ongoing feelings of lightness as you continue to move into uncharted territories. The newness you will be feeling is simply reflected in part, by the vacuum left behind by your no longer practicing the old paradigms or ways of so-called thinking. Their absence initially created an energetic space for the new or higher awareness to begin taking its place in the vacuum, and demonstrate that this new awareness is fully capable of picking up where the old left off, and of going beyond where the old paradigm could not go. With the proving to the self that the new or higher awareness really is suited to do what needs be done in your every day, will come the feeling of true and real comfort, that this new and seeming un-charted territory is a happy place to be, and the desire to find out all that it has to offer grows.

It is no fluke that this new point of no return has been crossed, and like stepping gingerly into a beautiful lake, first with just the toes to sense the waters temperature, there comes now the great desire to immerse completely as the warmth of the water has been sensed to be just perfect. This is the joyous and thrilling replacement for all the times spent earlier in the muddied and fouled waters of false or un-real thinking. This new point of no return represents the time of true return to real thinking, or God-thinking. The muddied and fouled waters always represented the time of limited ego personality beliefs, or thinking outside of God and the Presence of God within you. The soul has moved you to and through this new point of no return, for it has communicated successfully to you that all of the experiences you have asked for in separation consciousness have been fulfilled and no more new experiences of limitation are needed in any way.


Now spend your time getting used to listening, and trusting that what is heard is really to be acted upon. This is a time for far more happy and accurate discernment, as it becomes daily more and more easy to choose the new awareness, leaving the old paradigms alone and un-touched. There has already come the happy awareness that the old paradigms always bark the loudest and have been first to come up in the mind for attention and selection. At the same time has also come the new awareness that selection of those old paradigms will not and cannot produce the higher results now needed. The awareness has come that those old paradigms simply were not able to do what is now needed, yet served a purpose for an earlier time to produce certain specified results, and only those. And now, that no more of those limited kinds of results are needed or wanted, those old paradigms can rest in peace, and be sent back to the energies from where they were originally created, to be re-created by God and the Presence of God within you to produce a far higher, beneficial result.

This is the happy practice of crossing this new point of no return, and going on. This is what everyone has come for in their choice to return to Oneness, and ending the ideas of limitation and separation. This is the happy practice of becoming a listener for the real thinking of God to fill the consciousness, instead of engaging in the old practice of listening to the ideas of the limited ego personality self, which never provided lasting fulfillment. The crossing of this new point of no return shows, with ever greater frequency, that ideas practiced in the clear waters of God-thinking always provide complete and lasting fulfillment to the soul, are happy ideas that serve family, community, Gaia and more. The idea to even think of returning to old ways before this new point of no return was crossed, have become either reprehensible or no longer exist.

The reflection back into earlier phases of life experiences will always reveal where the point of no return has been crossed every time, and simultaneously, reveals where a new or higher learning begins to take place. Only where that line has not been crossed, or pulled back from in fear, would also simultaneously reveal where life became more difficult or arduous, and pain levels, whether emotional, mental, or physical, became more intense. This would also point to the time shortly afterwards, and where perhaps a new opportunity arose and the point of no return was crossed successfully. Each time the point of no return has been successfully crossed, it has become easier to welcome in a new and higher way of thinking and being, which also reflects a happier and healthier life from that point on. We invite you to step into these new uncharted waters that hold the magic and majesty of everything you desire.


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