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Are you familiar with the Conscious Business Movement? It is an evolutionary force creating enormous change in the global business community. In the years directly ahead it will create new leadership organizations worldwide. New leaders will emerge. Old leaders will fall.We’re going to discuss this and more on Thursday, February 9th beginning at 9 am, Los Angeles, CA time (PT) during a live global video broadcast. Steve Melville and John Thomas, the Co-Directors of the Conscious Business Initiative, will be my guests. This is a Oneness in 12 Spheres program so Anna-Mari Pieterse will join me as co-host.

To find the time in your area go here.We’ve been re-thinking and re-designing virtually the entire Conscious Business Initiative (CBI) program – at every step, challenging ourselves to discover how we can best serve the growing Conscious Business Movement.

Our goal is to provide a basis for structuring and integrating certifications, self-assessments, curriculum, wisdom pool, and more.

We are structuring the entire CBI program around helping you reach your desired Conscious Business destination. It will take you:

  • Where you want to go
  • Through self-assessment to determine where you are now
  • At the speed you determine is right for you
  • To provisions you decide are needed

We’ve just created a new low cost Introductory Course to give you visibility into the Conscious Business landscape. It is only $300 and offers loads of value to anyone interested in Conscious Business coaching, training, entrepreneur, intrapreneur and leadership opportunities. Among other aspects, it offers a direct path to becoming a Conscious Business Change Agent (CBCA).

We’ll be talking about these topics and more. Join us!

Reserve your spot here.This is a live global video broadcast so be sure to bring your questions.

In Oneness,


Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director
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