UPLIFT Weekly No. 62  Jan 28 – Feb 03  2016

Is there a right way and a wrong way to love someone?
Can we be grateful for even the most
challenging things?
Is touch the key to healing physical
and emotional isolation?

This week on UPLIFT, we take a new approach to healing, by addressing the cause rather than the symptom; we learn 13 clear steps to living the life we want; and we discover the traits of highly empathic people. 
Here are the top articles from this week. Visit upliftconnect.com for more!

If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

Your love has enormous power. Learn how to use it the right way.

My Thank You Note to President Trump

President Trump is inspiring a lot of differing emotions, but this one might surprise you.

How to Stop Attacking Yourself

Autoimmune diseases are increasingly common. These 9 steps can help you heal yourself by addressing the cause rather than the symptoms.

How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men

Why are men avoiding even platonic contact and what damage is this causing them? Here’s how we can heal the physical and emotional isolation of men.

13 Things You Must Give Up to Live The Life You Want

It’s time to let go of what is holding you back! Here are some clear steps to help you live the life you desire.

6 Habits of Highly Empathic People

Discover the traits of those who are highly empathic, and learn how we can use empathy to support both others and ourselves. Read More HERE

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