Q&A includes:

•  Am I am ambassador for ETs?
•  Can you help me work on the Philosopher’s Stone?
•  How can I help the people in Syria and Lebanon from over here in Europe?
•  Is it a negative belief or my intuition warning me?
•  Does my free will affect my other parallel incarnations?
•  How can I tell if it is excitement or anxiety?
•  My channeled beings don’t translate. Can you help?
•  How can we have our excitement last all week not just on weekends when we get together with friends?
•  How can we help people who need our support?
•  How do you dance in your society?
•  What about music? Is it like the steel drum?
•  Can you comment on Ozonated water and electrotherapy?
•  Do I have a connection to Tesla?
•  Does sound create mass?
•  What is the speed of electrostatic potential?
•  What role does macroscopic quantum tunneling play in energy reception and energy conversion?
•  Do some beings have higher vibrations than humans?
•  What does your normal day look like?
•  How can I improve myself as a healer?
•  What is the difference between our relationships to ETs in Europe or the US?
•  Is there a vortex in Romania?
•  What happens energetically during intercourse?
•  How can I know I am in template level reality?
•  What is self doubt?
•  How can I get over the fear of being “crazy”?
•  When I don’t smoke cigarettes I have undesired effects, what can I do?
•  Could you speak about having children in your civilization?
•  Do we actually have a chance to change things politically?
•  My mom used to tell me not to get excited all the time. How can I counteract that?
•  The pineal gland, what does it do?
•  Will we find something under the Sphynx?
•  Is it necessary to ascend with mass consciousness?
•  Who chooses our theme?
•  I give breath work sessions and people see ETs. Who are the beings?
•  I had a channeling experience this year and it was uncomfortable. How can I overcome this?
•  Is your family crest similar to an Irish cross?
•  Is the Giant Causeway connected to you?
•  I have a child that is disabled and it is very challenging can you help me?
•  How can the people of Europe participate in the postcard a day experiment to the government?
•  How can we use sound like in chanting or singing to create physical change?
•  Have you ever set foot on our planet?
•  How can we reactivate our universal DNA?
•  Can you share something about yourself that we are not aware of?
And more!

A new release from Bashar! Amplifying First Contact – recorded in Prague, Czech Republic
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