Hey there,How are you?This is Lauren from Unify Global Sisterhood checking in with you.

For those of you who don’t know what the Global Sisterhood is, we are a movement of soulful women honoring the rise of the divine feminine, cultivating authentic human connection, and transforming ourselves to transform our world.

And even though we are a movement of women… we appreciate and honor men. We have been blessed with incredible support from amazing men who encourage the mission of the rising feminine within us all. Thank you.

We started March of last year when 650 women’s circles gathered locally in over 75 countries. We unified in prayer, meditation, and ritual creating a wave of feminine healing for our world. On this special evening, beneath the new moon, we ignited a worldwide sisterhood movement.  Since then, thousands of women continue to gather in circle every new moon.

Because we are committed to helping women heal their pain and move into their full power, radiance, and purpose, we are giving you this free gift of a virtual training called “The 7 Gates to Emotional Liberation”. Click here to claim your free spot.

We envision a world where all women feel spiritually connected, authentically confident, inspired, and living their purpose.

This webinar is specifically designed for women who feel a soul calling to rise beyond heartache and insecurity, so they can step into their full power and shine their light.

My journey has been one of powerful transformation and healing. With the help of sisterhood, the right guidance, and powerful tools… I have been able to liberate myself from deep suffering, embrace my full power, and step into my purpose. And that’s what I am going to help you do in this webinar.

The wisdom and strength that I gained from the Wounds to Wisdom Method I created, prepared me to steward the Global Sisterhood movement alongside my co-director, Emma.

Click here to learn how to live beyond the suffering cycle.

I am excited to share with you this beautiful free gift as an opportunity to learn tools that support you in living the life you deserve.

You can learn more and reserve your spot by Clicking Here. 
With love and great respect,
Lauren Elizabeth Walsh
(And the Unify Global Sisterhood Team)
PS. For the men reading this, thank you.
Please pass this invitation along to any women in your life who’s hearts may be longing for sisterhood and deep transformation.
At UNIFY Academy we share virtual and in-person transformational experiences that support your most passionate, peaceful, purposeful, and amazing life.We also organize global synchronized meditations and days of social action. We now have more than 7,500 organizers that bring their communities together for campaigns we launch on Peace Day, Earth Day, Water Day, and more.  Thank you for doing your part every day!

Unify, PO Box 4449, Santa Rosa, CA 95402, United States

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