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Patricia Cota-Robles is joining me for a very special 90-minute program on ThursdayJanuary 19th at 8:30 am Los Angeles, CA time (PT). Her focus will be “Co-Creating a New Paradigm for 2017”. We will be doing the program using video broadcast. It will be live and we’ll be taking questions from those of you who participate.

Patricia shares, “As we birth the New Year 2017, Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven have set the stage for a paradigm shift for the masses of humanity to transcend the negativity that has been pushed to the surface for purification during the shocking and tumultuous events that occurred in 2016.”

Patricia goes on to say how we’ve forgotten the truth of who we are and why we are on Earth during this auspicious time. She invites all to ask their I Am Presence to reveal to you your important part in the facet of the Divine Plan for 2017. All are invited to step into their role.

There is more… During our special 90-minute video broadcast Patricia will update participants on the New Earth that was birthed in the Realms of Cause on December 21-22, 2012, things that took place in 2016, things we can expect in early 2017 and the road ahead as we progress through 2017. Of course, a central message is We Are All One. There is no separation.

Programs with Patricia Cota-Robles are always wisdom-filled and the audience is quite large, so do take this opportunity to reserve your spot if you think you might like to join us.

Reserve my spot now

I look forward to being with you on Thursday, January 19th!

In Oneness,

Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director
Humanity’s Team

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