You probably sense that an extraordinary, awakened life is possible
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dissolving stress and discomfort, and activating inner mastery… you can enjoy
healthy relationships, physical wellbeing, and deep fulfillment of your purpose. 
Are you on a spiritual path?
If so, you probably sense that an extraordinary, awakened life is possible
Whether you’ve read about it in books, online, or had a taste of enlightenment in your own direct experience, you have a knowing deep within that it’s possible for human life — your life — to express something truly remarkable.
AND, if you’ve been on a spiritual path, you probably also know how challenging it is to truly live an enlightened life, consistently experiencing inner liberation.
Perhaps this sounds familiar:
  • You can touch into a deep source of stillness but you haven’t yet found a way to bring that depth and radiance into every moment of your life.
  • Although you know that nothing is more important than your own spiritual practice, you often find yourself prioritizing other things, to the detriment of your own growth and evolution.
  • You aspire to express love, kindness and equanimity in all your relationships, but you still often find yourself reacting out of the unconscious emotional patternsof your past, undermining your own efforts toward “conscious relationship.”
  • You can access a deep clarity and wisdom when you take the time to be still, but when faced with difficult decisions in your daily life, it’s often hard to access that inner wisdom to know which road to take.
If you can relate to any of these experiences,
we want you to know that you’re not alone.
Most of us on a spiritual path struggle in one way or another with the gap between what we’ve experienced in our highest moments and how we’re living from day to day.
However, what if the depth and freedom you’ve tasted in your most profound moments could become the living foundation for every minute of your life—even when the going gets tough?
The good news is that it can – with devotion, support, and practice.
We’re inviting you to a very special FREE online event to discover the pathway to this possibility: The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego – Making the Change that Changes Everything 
And it’s being offered by an incredibly inspiring and respected teacher who’s been offering life-changing programs to over 14,000 people in 85 countries—Craig Hamilton.
According to Craig, the reason most of us struggle to realize our full spiritual potentialis that we are unwittingly attempting to live a spiritual life while still fundamentally centered in the separate sense of self, or ego.
And, as long as this is the case, it won’t matter how hard we work at the path. We’ll always end up short of the profound transformation we sense is possible.
In The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego, Craig will share the step-by-step process he’s developed to help any sincere seeker step directly out of the grip of ego and into the unlimited potential of what he calls “the Evolutionary Self.”
He’s going to show you how to make a fundamental shift in your orientation and begin engaging your spiritual life from this completely different part of the self.
The insights he’ll share with you have been gleaned from his two decades of research and practice in a series of “evolutionary laboratories,” and have impacted hundreds of thousands of people through his acclaimed online Academy for Evolutionaries.​​​​​​​
Participants in Craig’s programs have reported that through making the shift to the “Evolutionary Self” they’ve discovered a whole new world beyond the confines of the separate ego and have experienced profound liberation, meaning and purpose as their lives become infused with the sacred impulse of evolution.
During this special event Craig will share a revolutionary, updated approach to enlightenment that can radically accelerate your awakening—and make it possible to fully live enlightenment in everyday life.
You’ll discover:
  • A powerful practice you can engage anytime during the day to infuse your life and actions with the boundless energy of evolution itself—and why this kind of “engaged inquiry practice” is as important as silent meditation and contemplation.
  • How to cultivate an “inner compass” that will enable you to stay “on purpose” and aligned with Spirit, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and complexity of daily life.
  • The profound but simple shift in orientation that will enable you to bring the wisdom and awakening you’ve experienced in your deepest moments into every moment of your life.
  • The three pillars of conscious evolution and why ignoring any one of them will always sabotage your efforts to evolve.​​​​​​​
Here’s what many of today’s most respected luminaries are saying about Craig and his groundbreaking work:  
“Craig Hamilton is a premier teacher of meditation and transformational wisdom. His work is among the best.”
—Marianne Williamson
“If I had to pick one teacher to take a deep dive with around conscious evolution and evolutionary spirituality it would be Craig Hamilton.”
 —Barbara Marx Hubbard
“It is rare to find a spiritual teacher who imparts the depth, the clarity, the humility, and the wisdom that Craig Hamilton does.”
—Michael Beckwith
We encourage you not to miss this free groundbreaking seminar with one of today’s most sought-after spiritual teachers. Sign Up For the Seminar Here at No Charge.
To our collective awakening,
The UNIFY team
P.S. Be sure to register even if you can’t attend the live seminar, and Craig’s team will send you a link to download the recording after the event.
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