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Last Chance…
The Musical Three Enlightenments
Begins January 1
If you haven’t registered for the FREE course James is offering in 2016, then you should check it out right away. This is your chance to step into your own enlightenment in a way you’ve only imagined until now.

James’ book The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking was a number one bestseller for one main reason – there is a code embedded in the material that enables anyone to break free from the illusions of this world and gain instant access to the Real World. How is this possible? You’ll have to join this very special program to find out, the first being offered through The I AM Institute.


There are over 4000 people participating in the program. You’ll have the option of joining daily video conference calls (9:30 Pacific US time Monday – Friday), retreats and even conferences. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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If you’re ready, then don’t wait another minute. Join thousands of people from around the world who are making the commitment to Waking Up in 2017. Everything is about to change.


To register for the 365 musical lessons at no cost


James Twyman

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