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A Christmas Gift For You!



 Perhaps you watched the video I created last week, a song I wrote called Simple (Be Like A Child). The response was amazing, and that gave me an idea. So many of us are feeling the pressure  and even sadness from the recent US Presidential election. I decided we need a happy song to bring us back to the positive energy we want to share.


Yesterday I created a new video.

I think you’re going to love it!


After adding an extra verse to the song, I spent the day shooting a music video in Portland where I live. My camera man and I walked around the city asking people to dance, sing and express their inner child. Well, the result was wonderful, and that’s what we put in this video.


What the video now!



The song is just one of 365 songs I’m preparing this year. You’ve probably already seen the announcement, but did you register for this free year-long course?Are you committed to playing your role in the expansion of I AM Consciousness? If so, then don’t miss this opportunity. If you love this song, then you’re going to love the other 364!


To get complete information on the

FREE year-long course on Enlightenment


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The Enlightenment Simulator
Join Me In Cameron Park, Ca
January 28th
What does enlightenment mean to you? Is it a far off goal or an unattainable state enjoyed only by great spiritual masters? Is it even possible that you might one day enjoy the same state of consciousness?
What if you could feel what it means to be enlightened 
The year long course I’m offering in 2017 is the most direct way I know into this experience. When I first wrote The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking fifteen years ago I knew that it held a dramatic secret. Here it is: YOU ARE ALREADY ENLIGHTENED. To be enlightened means to be full of light, and that’s already true about you. Now the key is to align your consciousness with that reality.
On January 28th I’ll be leading a full day workshop in Cameron Park, Ca., just outside Sacramento, called The Enlightenment Simulator. Imagine a pilot learning to fly. He or she does not start off in the air, but in a flight simulator to give them the same sensations they encounter in the air. In this workshop you’ll be able to FEEL what it means to be fully enlightened. Then it will not seem like such a far away dream, but a present reality.
If you live in the area, or even if you decide this is important enough to travel to California, you will love this full day event. For complete details CLICK HERE.
James Twyman

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