This Sunday, November 20
11 am, EST (same time as New York)
This transmission comes with a free audio download,
“Nervous System Recalibration”

The Recalibration Transmission
This Sunday, November 20

Phew… what a year! The planetary polarity band sure has been stretched really tight these days, bringing with it some pretty intense energy to our own personal spheres. Are you feeling a little over amped?

Witnessing the recent election process in the USA has, among other things, reflected to me a relentless, year-long purge of deeply entrenched negativity, division, manipulation, deceit, hard truths and untruths that continues to dramatically affect global systems at unprecedented levels, both seen and unseen.

This has created another huge and riveting shift, adding to other world events of similar proportion. These events most definitely serve as catalysts to trigger greater breakdown of the façade of false dominion.

So many of us in this network are in sacred service to humanity by upholding unique positions as ‘points of light’ upon the planetary unity grid. From this integrity of group coherence, we are with collective ability to continuously pulse the transforming light to the fields of separation. The stronger and more awake that we get, the more that the ‘unreal’ lights up and crumbles down. It can get quite confusing at times yet our solace is in the knowing that there IS a Divine Plan unfolding upon our sacred sweet Earth.

As the energy architects of the new and emerging morphogenetic field, we may find a building sensitivity to global events, especially those that trench out a high degree of darkness and negativity. These dark clouds and divisive fissures are oftentimes transmuted through our own energy field and physical vehicle. This is not the easiest role to have as we can be greatly affected, taking risk to our personal health and oftentimes getting energetically over amplified.

In recent days, I have had numerous reflections about the need for overall energy stabilization for the planetary light servers and those who are in service to upholding the Gaia Field and its anchoring matrix of unified awareness.

Collectively, and as a higher dimensional forcefield of awakened souls, we can give a great level of support to the shifting mass consciousness field by continuing to sustain the grid of unity without waiver. We must, however, remain neutral and compassionate while focusing from ‘still point awareness’. (See explanation below).

At times such as these, there is a tendency to get a little off center when there is so much going on especially when it pulls upon our inner emotional angst. This is not only about what is appearing on the outer screen, but also, the tremendous level of transmutation that is going on behind the scenes and in other frequency dimensions. Many of us are also doing work at night and when our physical body is at rest.

For those of you who are feeling a bit wobbly from recent unfolding, confused or could really use a balancing out of vibrational amplitude, consider this special transmission for extra support. Its purpose is to give recalibration of your energy field and nervous system as a way to bring you back to center. This grounding assistance is something that I am able to do quite well and from my role as a Divine Channel.

I am also offering a wonderful audio meditation to use now and to carry you through when feeling a bit over stimulated or frazzled. We need you strong and healthy as a stable pillar of light!

These are my gifts to you during these momentous times. I sincerely appreciate you, your support and tremendous service to the collective. Thank you for a most incredible year of coherence and realized deepening.

My warmest blessings for a holiday season filled with love and enrichment.

Tiara Kumara

PS… It would be an honor to have your Divine Presence in the matrix this Sunday.


Serving from Still Point Awareness

Service from our still point means to live from deep awareness and acceptance of what each moment is presenting. This is to thrive in the highly magnetic current of ‘the eternal now’. By doing this as a sustained practice, we can free the mind from the trappings of thoughts about the past or concerns about the future. We are simply the one observing.

‘Still point’ is a very high vibrational frequency that is neutral and non-threatening. It exudes potent frequencies that are able to transform other energy fields in separation.

As light servers who are representing both the grid of unity consciousness and our respective star nations of light, may we never forget the Divine Principles.

* When we make our calls for Divine Intervention, this forcefield of benevolent light always prevails and for the highest good of all. There is no need to worry or to think that something is wrong. There IS a Divine Plan unfolding upon the Earth.

* From Still Point, we do not take sides because we exist in everything. This includes all of the good things and also, all of the seeming bad. We are one with it all.

* We serve at the highest level by bringing all of our extremes to a middle ground. We are not for or against anything. Neutrality is our way of life. Our very presence can transform other energy fields in separation, just by the nature of our divine indifference.

* We create from an evenness of mind that is undisturbed and unattached to anything of a temporary nature. The constant waves of impermanence may wash over us, yet, a great stability is maintained while sincere love and compassion is offered to all. From this composure, nature responds to our neutralized and highly magnetic energy field. Manifestation occurs in perfect order.

If matters of the outer world are getting you down, zoom out! Always regard the bigger picture so that the consciousness remains attuned, at all times, to the truer and more real nature of your being. Expand your self to rise above the human condition. Live as an observer, first, and to simply be the witness to all that is rising and falling.

Remember, there is only one consciousness. You are made in its image and likeness. This omnipresence weaves your life and everyone else’s as well. It does not take sides because it exists in everything. It is the active intelligence in all things that we see, breathe, feel, think, touch and consume.

Keep coming back to the realization that you are one with it all, not separated. When we are in neutralized awareness, we do not attach to unfolding drama. We understand that all is giving a reflection for our evolutionary advancement. All has meaning. All is on cue!

… and there is a Divine Plan unfolding on our sacred sweet Earth.

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