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Have you ever wondered if the meditation you’re doing is really a good fit for you?


Or perhaps you tried a few types and weren’t getting the results you desired?


Our friend, bestselling author Dr. Jeffrey Martin, has uncovered some recent scientific developments that reveal a new, more effective process for finding your meditation “fit.”


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Meditation can result in deep inner peace, stress reduction, mental clarity,

physical well being, and passionate aliveness – If you have the right fit! 


Dr. Martin, along with his colleague Nichol Bradford, leads a dedicated team

of experts from the Transformation Technology Lab at Sofia University,

the world’s foremost researchers of “enlightenment,” or what consciousness

researchers call “persistent non-symbolic experience.”


They’ve conducted experiments with hundreds of seekers and practitioners,

discovering why some people can transition into enlightened states easily,

while others using the same techniques struggle to get there.


Dr. Martin has written or co-written more than 20 books and been a

featured speaker at universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.


His work has also regularly been featured at leading academic  conferences and public forums, such as Deepak Chopra’s Sages and Scientists Symposium and TEDx.


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Thank you for cultivating your consciousness,
awakening, and spirituality in your unique way. 
The UNIFY team

P.S. In one of the videos, Nichol shares a technique you can implement immediately that she used to accelerate her own awakening.


Access the 3-part video series Here at No Charge and Find Your Meditation Fit

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