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Celebrate Your Life and
Worldwide Synchronized Meditation
Join me at this year’s Celebrate Your Life featuring powerful life changing workshops with myself and other top spiritual visionaries. This is a gathering like no other! Best of all, the conference will be ground zero for a massive synchronized meditation with millions of people from around the world focusing love and light on the upcoming election for US President.


Celebrate Your Life is committed to creating a safe and nurturing space for YOU to experience the most transformational, healing and sacred “aha” moments that will stay with you for a lifetime.

This is your chance to let your hair down, peel away the layers and let your soul shine through. People travel from all over the world to attend Celebrate Your Life!


With Love, 

Experience. . .

  • Answers to life’s important questions
  • Workshops that will transform the rest of your life
  • Break through limitations that hold you back
  • Ignite your passion and create a clear vision for your future
  • Explore your spiritual direction and embrace the guidance of your spirit
  • Unlock the secrets of aligning with your powerful potential
  • Meet your favorite authors and spiritual teachers all in one place at one time

. . .and so much more!

Many of your favorite spiritual authors will be at this conference and will join in the worldwide meditation for the US election including Gregg Braden, Carolyn Myss, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch and many more.
Synchronized Meditation for US Election
James Twyman will be leading a massive meditation from the Celebrate Your Life conference where MILLIONS of people will join in a single intention – to bring about the HIGHEST GOOD in the Presidential election that will happen only a few days later. Do you want to be part of HISTORY? Keep opening these emails and we’ll tell you exactly what time the meditation will be and how you can be involved. We need your support, and if you’re at the actual conference, then you’ll be at GROUND ZERO!

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