NEW ENERGY UPDATE: Psychic Awareness and Heart Energy Fusing Fast!
(AKA Your Daydreams of Relationships are Powerful Alchemy)
Are you thinking/dreaming of certain people and unsure what to do about it?

Heart and Psychic energy are growing fast right now, so our past and present relationships are changing shape on the etheric planes. The intuitive among you may be noticing the new speed of this. The more our psychic energy develops, the more we can experience and resolve relationships intuitively, without always needing to connect or ‘have that conversation’ in person.

Check out this short Energy Update on how Heart, Psychic and Communication Energies are connected within us, and how these themes are showing up right now in a bigger way.

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This is sooo good. So powerful. I softened so much. I breathed. I cried. Everything was beautiful. I almost couldn’t stand how beautiful literally everything was. – Samantha M.

Absolutely brilliant & a new firm favourite. – Kathryn

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With this moving and uplifting guided meditation, prepare to take a virtual spa vacation for your emotional body—one that replenishes and restores in surprising and immediate ways. Lee will lead you on a journey to and through what he calls your inward heart—your radiant center that allows you to open fully to other people and the world without disconnecting from the Self. Opening to this fullness of heart and being, you become a magnet for everything you want at the deepest level. Let yourself be activated by the power of Lee’s words and carried by the extraordinary music woven throughout, and experience the empowering rise of courage, connection, and joy in your life.
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Lee’s Energy Tune-Up evenings are uniquely powerful. Reading the energy of the room, he speaks directly to the core topics and themes that are taking place for those in attendance — bringing tremendous clarity to areas where there may have been confusion or contraction.

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Ready to go deeper? Join Lee for Soul Ignition, a workshop where you can open up to your soul-self — the you that you came here to be. Together we’ll make it a day that you will remember as a turning point in your life. Get ready for a few cosmic surprises along the way. 🙂

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