As many of you may know, we at Bashar Communications have been working diligently on several large-scale projects. Last month, we unveiled our brand new user-friendly website and we announced the soon-to-be released Bashar documentary, “First Contact”. Today, we are excited to announce that we are bringing you a new, advanced viewing method for the Bashar material. We would like to introduce…(drumroll, please)…


BasharTV is your new go-to viewing method where you can take Bashar with you everywhere you go. Watch sessions on your computer, your phone or your television. Virtually anywhere you want to be, you can take Bashar with you!

We invite you to visit our website and view the Bashar catalog to see all of the sessions that are currently available, including our most recent session on April 16, 2016, “Your Indestructible Core”. As the weeks go by, we will be increasing the number of available sessions and formats. So, please check back frequently.

For assistance with learning to use the new BasharTV system, please visit the comprehensive guide that VHX, our service provider, has developed. Once you are set up on your preferred viewing device, you’ll love the ease with which you can order and watch Bashar sessions instantly!

We hope you enjoy the new BasharTV streaming experience! We truly appreciate your support!

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