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HAPPY EARTH DAY… enjoy “Sirius” for FREE!
 We are celebrating today with a special “THANK YOU” to our faithful fans and supporters by releasing our movie “Sirius” to the public for FREE! This is our gift to help educate the public about the technology behind how UFOs get to our beautiful planet … which, in turn, holds the secret to how we can live on Earth without pollution or poverty. Please enjoy the film and also share with all your friends and family members… remember, it’s all for FREE!
And don’t forget … For those inspired to participate in helping us create our next disclosure film,“Unacknowledged”, join The campaign to end illegal secrecy and begin a sustainable civilization!
We hope you will be inspired to help us celebrate Earth Day by helping us gain momentum in bringing FREE ENERGY to the world! Check it all out here:
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If each person on this list gave just $5 – $10 we would reach our goal!

You can buy the “Sirius”  DVD  for 1/2 price – $9.99 + s/h from our store.
click here.

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