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Welcome to PAO’s Live Webinar for April


Divine timing is the universal clock, of which we and our planet are a part. It cannot be hurried, and we must trust it.

Live Webinars give us the opportunity to work together. With positive intent, we can collectively help to change this reality.


Topics include…

• Understanding the nature of 3D vs 5D time 
• Enduring frequent time delays: Learning to trust the process 
• Understanding the Divine Order: 
Divine Time for… Announcements – Disclosure – Landings – Mentoring 
• Doing our part: Working together to prepare ourselves as we await our reality shift.

Sunday, April 24, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT


Thursday, April 28, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT (California time)

After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions

Seats are Limited…Register Now!

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Plant Kingdom Transformation to Aid Your Ascension

by Galactic Logos Melchior

Channelled through Natalie Glasson ~ Original Source:Sacred School of OmNa

The soul has the purpose upon the Earth in bringing the light, love and consciousness of the Creator into manifestation. This symbolises that the purpose of your soul in this moment of ascension is to bring the gifts of the Creator into manifestation so that all may recognise their personal divinity and their collective divinity.


There are numerous opportunities of transformation available to humanity and Mother Earth at this time of ascension. Each opportunity of transformation is born from the inner planes and beings who inhabit the inner planes with the purpose of creating the divine upon the Earth. Gifts of evolution extend like breathes of light and consciousness from the Creator received by aspects of the Creator in existence on the inner planes. Every person on the Earth has a soul or essence which is connected to the inner planes and the Creator, therefore receives each breath of light and consciousness from the Creator. The soul has the purpose upon the Earth in bringing the light, love and consciousness of the Creator into manifestation. This symbolises that the purpose of your soul in this moment of ascension is to bring the gifts of the Creator into manifestation so that all may recognise their personal divinity and their collective divinity. Every part of ascension at this moment is concerned with the embodiment of divinity, which can be experienced through opening and expanding your awareness of the divine within you.

To be present is to allow yourself to be consciously aware of the divine love, light and consciousness of the Creator moving through you and all. When this awareness dawns you allow yourself to become available to receive opportunities of transformation which are beyond the process of ascension and obtaining enlightenment. You allow yourself to connect with the opportunities of synthesis and merging with the divine Creator in order to bring the reality of the Creator into manifestation for self and all. With the conscious focus of being aware of and embodying the divine you open yourself up to the new waves of transformation being gifted at this time to support ascension beyond the previous limitations of ascension.

Many plants at this time upon the Earth whether they are grown by hand, in the wilderness, for food or other reasons are ready and waiting for a download of energy, light, DNA and consciousness from the Creator which will change their entire physical structure. They will be consumed by light which will allow them to embody the divine, they will hold new energetic light codes, they may even appear to be more luminous and vibrant as well as holding new nourishment which will be ready for the new light physical bodies humanity are absorbing and embodying. In truth the plants upon the Earth are waiting to ascend so that they may hold a new level of light, consciousness and nourishment which will serve humanity and animals as well as offering light enhanced nourishment to Mother Earth. Your DNA is also shifting with the supreme waves of light anchoring into the Earth now, especially from the planet Venus who is pouring love into the Earth throughout 2016. Your chakras and auric field as well as your mind and emotions are evolving to create a new physical and energetic body which will allow your soul to further embody your physical body and reality. The same is occurring for the plant kingdom. The minerals and vitamins of plant food will be transformed to sustain human bodies of higher vibration holding greater volumes of light. The plants which are not for consuming will be able to emanate more light into the atmosphere and the soil of the Earth. This means that with the transformation of trees so the oxygen human beings inhale will be more suitable for higher vibrational living.

love-your-mother-earth design

When you evolve and ascend as a soul in a human body you encourage everything around you to achieve the same.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances which are hindering the ascension of the plant kingdom so that they can sustain the new higher vibrational human bodies. Due to abuse towards the plant kingdom such as harmful chemicals, the removal of large areas of nature, rubbish, pollution and even the lack of respect or understanding, the vibrations of the plant kingdom is being lowered. In order for the plant kingdom to receive the download from the Creator there is a need for many areas of the plant kingdom to be raised in energetic vibration. The removal of harmful chemicals, the planting of new plants and the removal of rubbish will support the plant kingdom in raising their energetic vibration. However, the respect, love and understanding of humanity for the plant kingdom will cause the most significant change and transformation allowing the plant kingdom to be supported as they raise in vibration and receive the download of the Creator causing divine evolution within the core of their beings and species.

Respect and understanding for the plant kingdom is to be conscious of their divinity. It is to be grateful for their presence, to understand their needs and to connect energetically and consciously with the plant beings. Sending healing and love to the plant kingdom as a whole or aspects of the plant kingdom local to you will support the rise in their energy vibration. Taking time to connect with the nature kingdom as a whole or an aspect of the nature kingdom, while existing in a space of listening will allow you to access the voice of nature. This way you will be able to sense the guidance that they share with you to encourage you to help them raise their light frequency. The plant kingdom has a voice, consciousness, they know how to ascend there is simply a need for humanity to listen, to accept and act upon the consciousness the plant kingdom share. The plant kingdom in many ways is not wishing you to support their ascension for their own benefits it is predominantly to continue the ascension of Mother Earth and humanity so that an Era of Love may be achieved. The ascension of the plant kingdom is selfless; they work to aid the evolution of all even those upon the inner planes

As more people realise the beauty of the plant kingdom and wish to share their time, energy, love and awareness with the plant kingdom so the plants will reach a state of light vibration. The Creator will then download more intensely into their core creating powerful shifts of transformation which will impact all upon the Earth. The result will be that when human beings eat or even exist with plants around them they will benefit from the new level of nutrients within the plants which will sustain and enhance the light within their human bodies. As humans transform all aspects of their physical bodies the food and drink which nourished them in the past will not have the same sustaining influence upon their bodies and could cause depletion of the human body. It can also be said that the vibration of the water upon the Earth requires to be raised in energetic frequency in order to continue to sustain human beings as well as the nature and animal kingdom. While the animal kingdoms are experiencing energetic shifts of ascension their ascension is more for their own evolution and soul’s growth, because the human bodies of the Era of Love will not require meat or animal products to sustain health and vitality. It will be the light frequencies held within the plant kingdom, water and even the oxygen which will support the continued health and strength of the new human bodies.

To support the transformation of your own physical body into an Era of Love human body there is a need to focus upon receiving into your entire being the love expressed from the Planet Venus at this time. Your body will transform naturally, all that is required is for you to be alert, aware and to listen to your body as it guides you. Your body will share with you all the wisdom you require in order to support the shifts of your physical body into higher light and love frequencies. It will share with you the healing it requires and the release of habits it needs assistance with. Working with, sending light and listening to the plant kingdom will also support the transformations of your physical body and the Earth.


It is important to remember that Mother Earth is also experiencing transformations within her body which are bringing new light to the Earth you call your life.

It is the Galactic Level Light which is assisting the plant kingdom at this time of ascension. I, Melchior wish to guide you to support the plant kingdom by using the Galactic light of a silver golden colour.

I, Melchior invite you to breathe deeply and to allow your conscious awareness to be within your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is a source of nourishment and deep profound love.

Imagine that within your heart is the most beautiful garden or nature land. It is filled with so many different species of plants. Allow yourself to observe the garden or nature land.

Activate your soul light, imagine, sense or acknowledge that your soul light merges with the soil which each plant is embedded into. Your soul light is acting as a loving foundation to the plants while also gifting nourishment.

Call upon my energy, Melchior, to anchor and shower the Galactic silver golden light through your crown chakra and chakras leading to your heart chakra. Feel or acknowledge the Galactic light showering over and through your heart chakra like droplets of rain upon the garden or nature area within your heart chakra. Each droplet of silver golden light holds new light, DNA and consciousness to transform the plants into their new energetic and physical bodies of light and high vibration. Imagine, sense or acknowledge each plant transforming exuding light and a new form of nourishment. You may also feel your own body reacting to the light and nourishment the plants within your heart are exuding. You may feel healthier in your body, as the nourishment of these plants will be compatible for your body.

Then simply send the energy within your heart to all of the plant kingdom upon the Earth.

Ground and centre your being as you enter back into your reality.

In your daily life when you become aware of an area of nature which is not thriving you may achieve this meditation, imagining the area of nature within your heart chakra and beginning the transformational process.

With respect and love,

Melchior, Galactic Logos

For the audio, click here

mother earth

The Amazing Secret Intelligence of Plants

By: Michelle Schoffro Cook


When I walk into my garden, I am always amazed at the beauty and bounty supplied by the vegetables, berries, herbs, fruits and flowers. Outward appearance and taste are easily appreciated, but I also admire the unquestionable intelligence at work in my garden and in the forests where I live. Plants communicate, adapt to their environments, defend themselves and build intricate internal and external systems to ensure their survival. They are also some of the smartest friends we have.

Many plants find innovative and stealthy ways to protect themselves in their natural environment. In a recent peer-reviewed article in the Ecological Society of America’s journal Ecology, researchers found that sand entrapment, a common trait in which plants produce a glue-like substance to attract sand, is an effective deterrent against predators. The researchers investigated whether this sand coating physically protected the plant from herbivores or increased crypsis, a fancy term that means the plant blends in better with its environment and is less apparent to hungry herbivores.

The experiment revealed that plants supplemented with additional sand or soil above naturally occurring levels were less damaged (by herbivore chewing) than plants in which entrapped sand was removed from stems, petioles and leaves. Equally interesting, plant stems coated in either brown sand (to match the background) or green-colored sand (to match the stem) were eaten less than plants in which entrapped sand had been removed. The researchers concluded that the camouflage effect is not the driving defense mechanism.


Many plants allow certain fungi to colonize on their roots to provide nutrients in exchange for carbon. In research reported in Ecology Letters, these same fungi, known as mycorrhizal mycelia, also serve as a conduit for signalling between plants, acting as an early warning system for herbivore attack. The researchers concluded that the fungi provide an underground messaging system that allows neighboring plants to invoke herbivore defenses prior to an attack.

We benefit from the intelligence of plants as well. Although they have been traditionally viewed as “lower life forms” below even the simplest of animals, plants contain complex compounds that can outsmart many pathogens that easily kill humans and other animals. Take viruses and bacteria, for example, which can easily become resistant to, or essentially outsmart, the drugs pharmaceutical companies create to fight disease. It may take many generations of bacteria to crack the drug, but some bacteria species create a new generation every 20 minutes. They learn, adapt and become drug resistant. Drug companies cannot keep up and most are not even trying since it’s more profitable to develop drugs for long-term diseases than it is to develop new antibiotics for example.

In contrast, plant compounds that have been proven effective against certain pathogens are a complex puzzle that most bugs and superbugs cannot solve. In that way, they are smarter than both the pathogens and the human-made antibiotics, antivirals and other drugs created to fight the pathogens. Manufactured drugs frequently contain a single constituent intended to combat a specific infection. This single constituent tries to attack a pathogen in a couple of ways and eventually the pathogen figures this out, adapts and overcomes.

Plants also contain substances called phytonutrients (which means plant nutrients) that essentially form the immune system of the plant. Science has revealed about 2000 phytonutrients, but more are being discovered every year. A single plant may contain over 100 different phytonutrients that protect and heal the plant while it’s alive. When you consume any edible plant, many of those phytonutrients go to work protecting and healing you. The compounds are akin to a battalion of soldiers rather than a single warrior. They attack on many fronts—systematically and with more sophistication that drugs. You won’t find that in a pork chop.

The next time you are tending your garden, taking a stroll through the park or hiking in the forest, enjoy the scenery and tip your hat to the “smarty plants” that surround you.

Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNM is a certified herbalist and international best-selling and 19-time published book author whose works include: Be Your Own Herbalist: Essential Herbs for Health, Beauty, and Cooking (New World Library, 2016).

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