Bring more laughter and joy into your life!

After a hilarious evening of Cosmic Comedy on April Fools’ Day with Swami Beyondananda, we’re a hosting new event with his alter ego, Steve Bhaerman, this Tuesday, April 5, at 5:30pm Pacific.

This event, The Gift of Laughter Medicine: Accessing the Power of Laughter to Liberate Your Soul, is not just about laughing at Swami’s hilarity, it’s about bringing more laughter and humor into your life as a transformational practice.

You can register here for The Gift of Laughter Medicine special presentation.

Steve has a wonderful way of helping us see our personal story and our path of transformation with a “God’s-eye” view that makes everything much more entertaining, which in itself is liberating.

Whether we’re challenged by our health, our work, our relationships or national politics, too much heaviness weighs us down and depresses our energy and mood.

Bringing more laughter in your life is vital for healing and re-energizing, connecting more deeply with others, and even creating a healthy work environment.

This hour will be funny, but it also has a serious purpose: to bring more levity into your life! This levitational pull can counteract all the gravity that‘s weighing you down.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Bring ease to stressful situations by “finding the joke hidden in this picture”
  • Circulate the healing energy of laughter (your “Laugh Force”) to specific parts of your body that need healing
  • Find and use the natural humor in your life story to transform it into a healing story
  • Use jokes to build bridges — instead of blowing them up with less-than-positive responses
  • Easily cultivate your own “natural” sense of humor

I hope you can join us for this free fun-filled event with Steve. Swami is sure to show up as well to provide a strong transmission of Cosmic Comic Consciousness, which is known to open up the Clown Chakra.

You can register here for The Gift of Laughter Medicine special event.

As Swami says, “Life is a joke — but God is laughing with us, not at us!”

2015Headshot-Stephen.jpg With joy,
Stephen Dinan

PS- Lest you think this is all funny business, research shows that laughter is great for your health AND productivity:

  • Laughter floods your system with dopamine, which turns on all the learning centers in the brain, boosting creativity, productivity and engagement.
  • Laughter helps to decrease pain in your body as well as reduce cravings associated with addiction.
  • In an analysis of 225 academic studies, happy employees were found to be 31% more productive and enjoyed 37% higher sales, while doctors who used humor were found to arrive at a correct diagnosis 19% faster and more accurately.

So you can skip the gym this Tuesday and know that you’re doing your body and soul a world of good simply by listening and laughing! Register here for The Gift of Laughter Medicine.



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