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Webinar Archive: Cetaceans…now ready for downloading

Free Youtube Preview: Aquatic Cetaceans

The Cetaceans are fully conscious beings.

They are in touch with their divine selves, and communicate with the Spiritual Hierarchies and the Galactic Federation of Light.


In this Webinar, you will learn where they come from and their special purpose for inhabiting Gaia.

Topics include…

• Their origins 
• Types of Cetaceans 
• How they came to Gaia 
• Where else they exist other than Gaia 
• Their mission on Earth 
• Cetaceans and their connection with humans 
• What happens to Cetaceans after the landings

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Price: $13.95 U.S.


Review of March Celestial Events

by Patricia Cota-Robles

This revelation confirms what we have always known in our hearts, which is that our Ascension process will unfold step-by-step. This particular step will actually move us forward in the Light a quantum leap.

solar-eclipse 2264575k

To grasp the magnitude of the opportunity we are given in March, let’s review the events that have taken place so far and the events that will take place during the rest of March 2016.

This month we were blessed with an incredibly powerful Eclipse series which we entered on March 8th with a Super New Moon Solar Eclipse and completed with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred on March 23rd. That Full Moon was also the Full Moon during which the Jewish Festival of Purim was celebrated.

On March 20th , we were blessed with an additional influx of Light from the Equinox, which greatly empowered the shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness being initiated within the heart and mind of every man, woman, and child on Earth through the unprecedented frequencies of Light bathing the Earth from the Eclipses.

On March 21st and 22nd, two Comets passed the Earth with record-breakingly close flybys. One of these Comets was the closest Comet to pass by the Earth in 246 years. Science often thinks of Comets as being just dirty snowballs, but that is not accurate. Everything has a degree of Divine Intelligence and a purpose and reason for being. Comets are celestial bodies that pass through the Universe and literally shake the Ethers breaking down the obsolete crystallized patterns and thoughtforms that no longer serve the highest good. In their wake, Comets leave a fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential upon which new patterns and archetypes for the evolution of all Lifeforms can be encoded by the Company of Heaven and the I AM Presences of embodied Sons and Daughters of God.

052912 0204 TheEconomic1

These two Comets, named Comet 252P/LINEAR and Comet P/2016 BA14, were Divinely Directed to this location during this Cosmic Moment in order to assist with the incredible facet of the Divine Plan that is unfolding in 2016 on Planet Earth. This facet of the plan is two-fold. The Divine Plan for 2016 involves transmuting our human miscreations from the old Earth that are surfacing to be healed and transformed back into Light, and it also involves preparing the fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential upon which the previously unknown patterns of Perfection for the New Earth will be encoded in August 2016.

On March 23-24, we experienced the final phase of this unique Eclipse Series, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This event ushered in the Celebrations of Purim and the Pageant of Easter which will focus in one-pointed consciousness the hearts and minds of billions of people. Together, Humanity will form a Collective Cup of Consciousness, a Holy Grail through which the Light of God will flow to expand exponentially the power and might of the Resurrection Flame on Easter Morning.

On Easter Morning, March 27th , we will receive a monumental influx of the Resurrection Flame that will permanently seal every particle and wave of Life on Earth in the NEW HIGHER frequencies of Light Humanity and the Earth attained during the unprecedented Cosmic Opportunities we have been blessed with this month.

The Company of Heaven revealed to us that when this influx of Light is sealed on Easter Morning, the Earth and ALL her Life will be vibrating at the highest frequency of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light that Humanity and the Earth have reached since the Birth of the New Earth on December 21-22, 2012. They said that never again will any part of Life on this Planet be able to sink to the chaotic frequencies of separation and duality we were experiencing prior to the March 8, 2016 Solar Eclipse.

This revelation confirms what we have always known in our hearts, which is that our Ascension process will unfold step-by-step. This particular step will actually move us forward in the Light a quantum leap.

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If you are interested….

Interactive Webinar with John Burgos and Patricia Cota-Robles

On March 29th, please join John Burgos and me in a Global Activity of Light during which we will assist every man, woman, and child on Earth to integrate our newly assimilated 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light into our everyday Earthly experiences, thus moving us forward in the Light individually and collectively. We are Blessed beyond measure to serve Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth in such a wondrous way!

God Bless YOU, for your willingness to be an Instrument of God during this auspicious time on Earth.

On Tuesday, March 29th, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles) or 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (New York) please join John Burgos and Patricia Cota-Robles, on John’s wonderful program Beyond The Ordinary for and Interactive Webinar during which we will expand this tremendous influx of Light at an atomic cellular level within every particle and wave of Life on Earth.

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