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When we, in North America, woke up Tuesday morning to hear about yet another attack, this time in Brussels, Belgium, we all felt like someone punched us in the stomach. Again?Every Tuesday morning (stateside) a dozen or so Humanity’s Team (HT) global leaders gather from around the world to share the progress on our work to help keep HT running smoothly. We talk about our global outreach including upcoming summits, book club programs, the Conscious Business launch, our new web site, power of prayer calls and more.

After we posted a request on our Worldwide Facebook page for everyone to send healing thoughts to Belgium, our weekly meeting was set to begin. We’d all dialed into our conference line and talked about our emotions regarding the Belgium bombing. We all expressed sorrow and heartbreak. One of our leaders read the Prayer of St. Francis (Lord Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace). We experienced the shared pain of the event and gratitude that we had each other.

Moments later, Steve Farrell our Worldwide Executive Director of HT, suggested we might not want to do business as usual. For the rest of the hour we didn’t mention the business of HT. We spoke from our hearts, read several inspirational pieces, had quiet moments with no talking and came to a place where we didn’t feel so alone and helpless.

We believe it is important to embrace the despair. We are one body and it is important to feel into the sadness when parts of the body are harmed.  Then, naturally, very spontaneously, we called in a healing circle with each other, all those who were hurt, the Belgium people, the perpetrators and the Divine.  We envisioned God and all Her Angels and Archangels embracing our circle.  We could feel healing and peace.  We breathed easier…

Collectively, we decided to share with everyone the blessing Pierre Pradervand gave shortly after the attack in Paris.  The blessing was truly out of this world.  Pierre touched us deeply.  We feel this blessing can offer some solace at this time. (no password necessary).  We invite you to listen to this complimentary blessing now through this coming weekend. For those who are Community Circle members, here is the access to this blessing and others.

To find out more about the Community Circle go to:

Since Paris, there have been hundreds of terrorist attacks – many that have gone unnoticed. We wish healing and peace to each of you and everyone on our dear planet.

In Oneness, love and hope,

Everyone in Humanity’s Team

P.S. Please sign our pledge to end violence, especially in the name of God.

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