UPLIFT Weekly No. 16  March  11 – 18  2016

Could our ancestors hold the key to beating depression?
Is adrenal fatigue stopping you from living a full life? Could a Shaman’s view of life help us unlock our own powers to ‘Dream the World into Being’?

This week on UPLIFT, we explore the ancient belief that humans were created for the purpose of caring for the Earth… We discover a new invention that is bringing water to the desert and opening new paths of Peace in the process… And cellular biologist Bruce Lipton shares his perspective why “Water is Sacred’, from the banks of the Ganges river in India.
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The Science of Fatigue and How to Overcome It

Is Adrenal Fatigue stopping you from living a full life? Learn how to find Balance and overcome Exhaustion.

The Ancient Cure for Depression

Did our Ancestors live a happier life in the days before Civilization? Find out how an ancient lifestyle could help us treat Depression today.

How Shamans Dream the World into Being

Many Indigenous cultures see life as a dream. Can viewing the world through the eyes of a Shaman unlock new powers of Dreaming in us?

Capturing Fresh Water from Desert Air

A new invention is bringing Water to remote desert areas. Could it also help to bring Peace to war-torn regions?

How Our Ancestors Cared for the Universe

According to Ancient Wisdom, humans were created to be the Caretakers of Earth. It’s time we embraced our true purpose!

Watch a Sneak Preview from the film ‘Water is Sacred’

and then on March 19, join us for a Global Mediation to Bless The Water and for the premiere of the full film ‘Water is Sacred’ featuring Prince Ea, Dr. Bruce Lipton
and many many more!

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