March 13-20, 2016

Beloved Ones,

As you move through the powerful energies of these times, know that you are never truly alone or forgotten. Much that is within you is being transmuted and transformed into a higher version of your self. This can be uncomfortable at times. We advise rest and being good to self while this is happening. All lower vibrations are now exiting from your human operating system and while this occurs, it is important to accept and embrace them as part of your evolving humanity and just allow these experiences until they leave. Do not feed them or make yourself wrong because of this experience. You are not wrong to have this experience so do not negate self. In the higher perspective of these changing times, you are setting new guidelines for the highest vision of your own life in order to manifest it in your personal experience. You do not need to please others while this happens or seek their approval because you are a sovereign being as are they and have the gift of expressing free will.

In these times, there are many people who use the concept of unity consciousness to excuse their behaviour while not honoring the rights of others to be all that they can be. Each of you is here to bring your special and unique gifts to the world during these times and because they are gifts that you as an individual brings; you have the right to set the course of how you wish to present it to the world. No other has the right to make that choice for you. In time, when there are no longer any who would misuse another’s contribution for their own purposes, true unity will begin to take place. This is a state of being where each individual celebrates the flowering of higher potential in another which happens without the concern of being taken advantage of, for then a higher universal law will be in effect. It is good to use one’s discernment in these matters at this time and to set your own boundaries.

There are many people upon the planet who are seeking answers and these individuals will gravitate and be drawn to certain information because they resonate with the truth that is presented. There are many individuals who are presenting information which they offer in unison with us and it is they who should be acknowledged and sought for the value they are bringing forth in what they offer to these seeking ones. These ones who serve with us in this way are individuals whom we of the ascended realms work with and through, and we strive to present truth in its highest form for the learning, understanding and discernment of those who are seeking. All who do this work with us should be known as our chosen representatives and any sharing of the information that takes place should be credited back to the one who is in such service with us, for this is where our greatest influence to make positive effect takes place, through their physical beings orally or through the written or artistic works.

The individuals who serve with us and allow us to express our Light and wisdom in the world, have been sorely tested and tried through their path through life and have sacrificed much in order to do this work and have emerged worthy to be called our true representatives. They have much to give now and into the future, for they are our voice upon the planet. We endorse them and support them and this has always been the way to bring through eternal truths, even during previous golden ages upon the planet. They are our voices expressed orally and through the written word and through forms of art, music and technology and many others forms of expression. When one develops such Light upon the planet through diligent application and adherence to the highest spiritual principles, those of the higher realms are attracted to them and surround them, offering our love, support and protection. We know that all that they do is for the highest and greatest good of all upon the planet.

What we bring to the world through these representatives is knowledge and understanding that is needed by the world’s people and it is our hope that as these ones seek, they will find what they need to find without being further confused and diverted from their intensive searching for the truth and the answers that our representatives hold.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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