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Elevate The US Election

Synchronized Meditation

Whether you live in the US or another country, you are probably worried about the division, anger and hatred being expressed in many elections around the world. Here in the United States this division has been especially profound. It doesn’t matter who you support in the election for US President (this is not in any way intended to sway you one direction or another), but I’m sure you agree that promoting love over fear, and compassion over anger is of primary importance right now.


This is a MAJOR call to action – a way to peacefully and prayerfully encourage everyone running for US President to focus on bringing us closer together rather than pushing us further apart.

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Did You Watch The Video?

If so, then you know how serious we are about making a major difference in the world, not just politically, but as Divine Beings who believe in the power of prayer and meditation. After I sent the last email I received a number of emails saying to stay out of politics. Maybe I will stay out of expressing my political opinions, BUT I WILL NOT STAY OUT OF EXPRESSING LOVE in a situation that so desperately needs love. That’s what this campaign is all about.

There are four parts of this important Peace Action:

1. If you live in or near the US and feel called to express your energy peacefully and prayerfully at a political rally, please make or buy a T-shirt that says “Meditating For Peace,” then find a rally and attend with a group of others. (It doesn’t matter if it’s a Donald Trump rally, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or any other candidate.) NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS do not respond with anything but peace. This is in direct imitation of the Gandhi’s “Ahimsa Movement,” one of the most liberating peace actions of our time. If you do decide to join a rally, LET US KNOW WHEN AND WHERE. We will publicize and mobilize our Synchronized Meditation Community to join you energetically. There will be hundreds and even thousands of people holding space while you sit in silence at the rally you choose. TO ORDER A T-SHIRT CLICK HERE.

2. We will forward lists of peace meditations that take place at various rallies, and we ask that you energetically join the people who are brave enough to be there physically. This is key to building the energy of this movement. It isn’t just about the people attending the rallies, but the thousands of people meditating behind them. This is what will bring about the Miracle.

3. I will be at a Donald Trump rally with a group of meditators on March 21st. As soon as we know exactly where we will send an alert. If you live in that area then we hope you will join us at the rally. If you do not, then we hope millions of people will join us on that day in prayerful meditation.

4. This is perhaps the most important on the list ~ SHARE THIS EMAIL AND VIDEO FAR AND WIDE. If we are to have the dramatic impact we hope to have, this needs to be a MOVEMENT, not a ripple. We hope that thousands of people show up at political rallies wearing the shirt and meditating, and not just in the US. Most countries today have politicians and elections that are revealing the dark underbelly of judgment and fear. We need to be as radical in our love as they are in their hatred.

Do You Believe in the Power of  Meditation and Prayer?

This is your chance to make a difference. I hear from people every day who are discouraged by the rhetoric taking place in the Presidential election, but most don’t feel there’s anything they can do to help. THIS IS IT! Whether you attend a rally yourself, or join in prayer when other people are physically present, your role is so important.

If you do decide to attend a particular rally with a group, please let us know right away so we can promote your gathering. Imagine how it will feel to know that you have an Army of Light behind you.

If you didn’t watch the video already, do it now. We want this video to go viral, and we need your help to do it. When we sent out the video about the Syrian Prayer Vigil it was seen by 400,000 people in the first week. We are hoping for the same results here.



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