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“We are here and this is the true calling-
To answer to the small still voice within, and lay it down, wherever we are.”
~ Marianne Williamson

At the Parliament of World Religions, Marianne Williamson shared a powerfully inclusive and universal speech. In it, she reminded us that the same small voice that is within each of us- encouraging us, guiding us- is the same small voice that has led great leaders throughout time to help serve and transform our world.  We hope that you find a time today to tune into whatever life-giving practice you have. Our question for you is: ‘What is that small still voice within you speaking to you, right now?’
Soon, in just a few days, on March 8th, International Women’s Day, we will be making history. Already, thousands of women from over 40 countries have listened to that voice within, that inner knowing, reminding us of a simple truth:
As we transform ourselves, we transform our planet. 
These women have joined with us to embody the Global Sisterhood movement, through facilitating and attending a wave of synchronized women’s circles at 7pm Local Time March 8th. We  invite you to listen to that small still voice within- and if you are inspired- join us, too.

To our sisters, daughters, mothers, friends- all the women of the world:
We invite you in the following ways to join us in celebrating women and unifying the Global Sisterhood:

  1. Facilitate a women’s circle in your community. Our Global Sisterhood team at UNIFY will provide you all the resources and support you need. Sign up to facilitate by clicking here.
  2. Find a women’s circle in your community. Check the map here.
  3. If you will not have the opportunity to attend a circle, you can still tune in live on March 8th Sign up for the telecast with Women Network. Sign for up the telecast, featuring Michelle Patterson, CEO of Women Network, and Gabrielle Bernstein, by clicking here.

To our brothers, sons, fathers, and friends- all the men of the world: We invite your love and support, too.

  1. Sign up on our Men Supporting the Global Sisterhood list and we’ll share ideas on how to support and uplift the global sisterhood and women in your life. Sign up by clicking here.
Check out Marianne Williamson’s full speech here.
As always, we are honored to be on this journey with you.

Jess and your UNIFY Team

UNIFY’s mission is to galvanize the peace movement through global synchronized meditation and social action events.

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