February 29, 2016
Empowering the Governing Soul of America 
With the US Super Tuesday primary elections taking place tomorrow, we wanted to share with you a beautiful guided meditation from our friends at Children of the Sun, intended to help restore true democracy to the US in this pivotal election year. The political environment in the US is pretty wild and wacky this year, with anti-establishment fervor running high and the rules of engagement seemingly up for grabs. Let’s bring our collective spiritual intelligence to this unpredictable environment so that we can play a role in calling forth the highest potentials of the United States, for the benefit of all life on the planet.
Get the transmission here: Empowering the Governing Soul of America
Unify Global Sisterhood: March 8 2016
Check out this powerful video from our friends at UNIFY about a campaign to create a global wave of ‘sister circles’ on March 8 in celebration of International Women’s Day. To find or create a circle near you, go tohttp://women.unify.org.
Peace Prayers for Syria
A Global Shift Meditation with Peace Troubadour James Twyman
March 1, 2016
12noon Pacific
Finally, a reminder to please join us on Tuesday March 1 for Peace Prayers in Syria, with Peace Troubadour James Twyman.
To register for free: click here.
This call is part of the Global Shift Meditation series, a monthly program of global meditations that focus on world situations calling for our collective support. The Gaiafield Project is proud to be a co-producer of this series with the Shift Network.
Blessings of Peace,
David, for the Gaiafield Council
Gaiafield Project / www.gaiafield.net
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