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Dear Arya,

Listen to Steve Farrell and our extraordinary guest, Matt Kahn, on this beautiful journey into the heart of awakening. Matt is a spiritual teacher, mystic, empath and author of his new book Whatever Arises Love That. Using his highly attuned intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing, Matt serves as a bridge between the mystical realms and the journey of awakening. This call was so amazing, that our words cannot do justice… You’ll have to listen for yourself.Pearls of Wisdom from Matt…

“If love is the one thing we don’t wake up out of…  quit trying to fulfill a spiritual to do list. The one who works so hard (you) deserves more love not less”.
“There is a loving intelligence at the core of your being that can lead you to the fulfillment of your destiny.” 
“Take the time to receive and fully digest spiritual energy.”
“Relax and cultivate faith and knowing.” 
“There are so many approaches to embracing our own divinity.”
“There are bigger and bigger truths that take you higher and higher into realms of love.”
“Allow love to lead the way.”

Thank Yous from Listeners…

Matt’s teachings are so profound, I find myself having to relisten over again very attentively to what he says. I love him and am grateful for his work done with so much love, simplicity and humility. Sandra

Love love love from Italy for taking my question.;)))))))) so beautiful shock feeling listened to. Infinite thanks beloved Friends Alda – Italy

Thank you for your gifts and love. Love, Ria

That was amazing!! I love this so much, thank you both for your loving energy!!! Sharon

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In Oneness,

Dee Meyer, Nannette Kennedy and Penny HeipleCo-Coordinators of Community Circle

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