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The Great Experiment
Sunday, February 28th
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Major LIVEstream Event 
On February 28th, James Twyman will reveal some amazing new information regarding the upcoming Worldwide Synchronized Meditation happening in March. Millions of people are gathering in New Delhi, India, and 10 million have already registered to be part of the meditation. This is one of the best opportunities we’ve ever had to prove the power and effectiveness of synchronized prayer. Join James and thousands more for this live online event.
Sunday, February 28, 2PM New York Time
(Please consult world clock for your time zone)
This will be a GREAT EXPERIMENT you’ll never forget.
This information will change the way you think about yourself, humanity and the world you live in. DON’T MISS THIS LIVE EVENT.
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The Levitation Course has LIFTED
This is just one example of the dozens of emails I receive everyday from people who have been participating in The Levitation Course:
“I had high expectations, but the actual experience was far,  far more than I ever could have imagined! I’ve been meditating over 35 years, every day — I’ve never missed a day. But The Levitation Course is far beyond any meditation experience I’ve ever known in this lifetime.” John Cali, Cody, WY.
There’s still time to join the community. I truly believe that this is the most powerful meditation you’ll ever experience. It comes from an ancient Cabalistic formula that was only re-discovered a few years ago when I was writing my book The Moses Code. Now you can use it to levitate, first on a soul-level, then even bodily. I’ve seen it happen.
Watch the video now and join by simply making a donation to support this peace work. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION.
Study to be SOUL-COACH
Mentored By James Twyman
The Academy of Soul Manifestation is currently taking applications for its two-year professional coaching program. Dozens of people are already actively working and serving as Soul Coaches around the world, and now it’s your chance. If you want to change careers, or simply step deeper into your own Soul Mission, consider joining us. CLICK HERE for complete information.

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