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Become one of 100 women who will lead a movement to get One Million Clean Water.

Our friends and allies, the Waterbearers, are launching a 30-day campaign, beginning today February 22 to March 22 (World Water Day) to inspire Women who have access to Clean Water to get it to those who do not! 

We are excited to invite you to an opportunity that combines the energy and action for women, water and wisdom. is excited to support and share this ripple of love in action with you! You’ll receive all you need to be successful in your campaign, plus you’ll be recognized for being part of a sacred circle of women doing what’s not been done before.

Celebrate International Women’s Day and World Water Day collectively in ONE unified call to action.

Join us in making history.
Become a Water Bearer.

Ready to get involved? Here’s what to do.

  1. Watch this 2 minute video.Click here.
  2. Take a look at the Team Leader Requirements and Benefits to see if you can commit.
  3. When you are a YES!  Click here to sign up to lead a team!
Honored to be transforming the world with you.

Jess and your UNIFY Team

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