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Are you ready to FLY?
The Levitation Course Is Ready!
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Levitation is not only possible,
but inevitable.
This is for everyone participating in the worldwide synchronized meditations like the one taking place next month, March 11-13, where 3.5 million people will be on the ground in New Delhi, India focusing their energy on “Healing The Planetary Heart.” If you received this email directly from us then you’re already set. To see the video produced for the meditation CLICK HERE. 
The Moses Code and I AM Frequency 
A book I wrote called The Moses Code ultimately led to a meditation released with my friend Dr. Wayne Dyer called “I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation.” When this recording was applied to an ancient meditative breathing technique something incredible happened – people began to levitate right in front of me.
Finally Ready to Share Worldwide
After months of experimentation and preparation, The Levitation Course is ready to be released. We are using this “donation based” course to raise money for future peace mission like the one earlier this month in Syria. ALL THE MONEY RAISED WILL GO TO THIS EFFORT.
This Revolutionary Course is for YOU
If you are willing to dedicate yourself to this simple meditation, you’ll be amazed at the results. It begins with the “levitation of the Soul,” which is the art of releasing all the self-imposed limitations we have placed on ourselves. Physical levitation is not the true focus, but for many it will inevitably follow. The true goal is FREEDOM from the world we thought bound us. You are READY for this!
Watch the video RIGHT NOW by CLICKING HERE. Then join us in a revolution of flight!
This is just the beginning…
We will offer conference calls and even optional one on one Soul-Coaching for anyone who takes the step toward flight. You’ll be part of a worldwide community that is stepping into their power and destiny. Together we will apply this energy to a series of world synchronized meditations that will save the world. We literally believe that. When millions of people join together as one – nothing will stop the positive affect. To get complete details and register for this donation based course, CLICK HERE.
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