February 14-21, 2016

Beloved Ones,

On the sublime level, much progress is being made by each person who walks in the Light. You are seen and acknowledged by the higher realms and most of you have been put into service in ways that your Divine Essence can most easily affect to become a greater part of your everyday human life. There is a greater focus on integrating spirit into matter and your human forms are feeling the effects of this in ways that are powerful and life transforming. The result is that many times you simply cannot cope with the bombardment of these energies that are prevalent during certain cycles that occur. It is in these times that it is important to remember our basic and ongoing advice which is to get out in nature, connect and ground by placing your feet onto the Earth, breathe deeply, for such practice helps to move stagnant energies through your system most efficiently. Drink at least 6 full glasses of pure water daily and enhance this water with your blessings and prayers before consuming.

As alchemists who are learning the practice of creating the realities you wish to experience in your daily life, each day is becoming an adventure into new perspectives. New ways of seeing and doing things are now being embraced and we are helping you with this. It is perfectly acceptable during these times to take time out when you feel you need it, from those activities which you have been giving in service to others. Your human bodies are in the process of metamorphosis which can be likened to the process of the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. It is a burning and consuming process that is occurring within you, many strands of DNA are being activated after many thousands of years of lying dormant within your genetic makeup. It is an intensely felt experience but one which is necessary in order to move forward.

Be at peace knowing that this process occurs for each individual in the timing that was chosen before ever incarnating upon the planet. Many adjustments have been made to this process so that each of you can affect the greater whole in a more encompassing manner which is conducive to awakening greater numbers of humanity in order that the Light is increased exponentially. Relax and enjoy the experience instead of worrying about it. All is unfolding in the way that it should. You are being drawn into participating in these activities which best facilitate this process within the context of the ascension process. The energy of Atlantis in its last days is being played out on the world stage during this time in order that the changes in thinking and attitude within the peoples of the world be recognized and correctly acted upon.

It would be safe to say that no one who is alive upon this planet during these times wants a repeat of the destruction of civilization that took place in previous epochs. You have all come too far to go backwards yet again and it is hoped that sanity, reason and remembrance of those times with their sad outcomes will prevail within each soul as the planet and its inhabitants choose the road they wish to travel. Each soul has chosen to experience the shifting into a greater awareness of the events that are now occurring. Allow yourselves to observe and ponder that which is currently taking place in world events and become clear in that which now stands before you. Say yes to a new reality and a new life, to a new dawn that is brimming with limitless possibilities.

You can do this! You have the power within you to change the outcomes of current affairs into the highest outcomes for the greatest good of all! These changes have been and will continue to manifest in seemingly miraculous ways! You know how to transcend the patterns of old ways of doing things and injecting new ways and new outcomes into them. By your works you are known throughout the universe! Well done!

Until next week!

I AM Hilarion

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