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Calling on the Army of Light
Syria Still Needs Your Prayers
A Week Long Meditation to support the Peace Process
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The Munich Agreement is already in doubt
The day after millions of people united in prayer and meditation for Syria, US, Russian, Syrian and other world leaders met in Munich to initiate a peace agreement and ceasefire. Within ten days, against all odds, the diplomats agreed to a “cessation of violence” to allow humanitarian aid to begin flowing to those so desperately in need. We know that the energy of so many people focusing their love on the region had a profound affect, but there are already doubts that the agreement will hold.
This is the first call to duty of the Army of Light
to counteract the energy of suspicion
with peaceful, prayerful action.
If we have the collective power to inspire peace after three and a half years of constant war, then we also have the power to inspire an even deeper process of peace and continued compassion. PLEASE JOIN US FOR A WEEK LONG SYNCHRONIZED MEDITATION.
Here’s what we are asking…
For the next seven days, at noon your local time, please stop for ten minutes and envision peace in Syria, and all those in need of help and life-giving aid. That’s all. It’s so little to ask, but the power is unmatched.
Imagine a Peace Pulse sweeping across the world for an entire week focused on those in need in Syria. Set your clock, ask your friends to join you, inspire your local community. This is how we bring peace to a world that needs it so badly. Once again, for ten minutes each day from February 14-20 at noon your local time, focus your love and light on the people of Syria, as well as the diplomats that are doing their best to maintain the ceasefire.
You are already on the list of a GROWING Army of Light. Next month we will focus our light on the Heart of the Mother as 3.5 million join me and many other leaders on the ground in New Delhi. Over 10 million people have already registered for this synchronized meditation.
Please send your friends to www.WorldPeacePulse.com to register.
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The Levitation Course
The Ancient Technology of Miracles
Next week, as a thank you for your support, we’ll be sending a link that will change your life. Is it possible to use an ancient meditation and sound to actually levitate, both body and soul? I’ve seen it happen, and it will happen for you. I’ve been waiting to share these recordings for months, and this is the time. Watch for the email next week.
James Twyman

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