UPLIFT Weekly No. 10  Jan 29 – Feb 05 2016

What if we don’t just need new thoughts, we need new ways of thinking for humanity to survive? What if our genes carry memories experienced by our ancestors that influence our lives today? Could Rhythm rewire our lives if we let it?

This week at UPLIFT we learned five Dzogchen principles to help bring us into the present. We found that identifying our brainwave state may be the first step to shifting it and we discovered there is great power in allowing ourselves to be truly ‘seen’.

And Tasha Blank reminds us all that We Came to Dance!

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How your Brainwaves shape your Reality

Knowing how to identify your brainwave state is the first step in consciously shifting it.

Is Trauma woven into the DNA of Native Americans?

The science of Epigenetics is showing us that Intergenerational Trauma is real and can clearly be seen in its impact on the Native American population.

Paradigms are Made for Shifting

According to Albert Einstein: ‘A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive’. Can we change Paradigm quickly enough to save ourselves?

The Five Principles of Liberation

Five steps towards liberating ourselves from Mental Illusion and into fuller awareness of the field of Infinite Consciousness.

Finding Strength in Vulnerability

There is power in allowing yourself to be truly ‘seen’.

Watch ‘We Came to Dance’

If you’ve ever wonder what we’re here for…

We began with rhythm. From the beating of out mother’s heart to the first kick in our mother’s womb.  We were born to move. Watch this incredible video
from Tasha Blank www.tashablank.com 

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