Jack Kornfield
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Eckhart Teachings is pleased to present a special program from our partners at Sounds True. They are sharing a series of free teachings, the first is a short video from Jack Kornfield who is presenting alongside Eckhart Tolle at the Living a Life of Presence conference this September in Huntington Beach, CA.

Jack Kornfield has the ability to renew, connect and inspire those around him. Click the link below to watch his teaching:

In this free teaching video, Jack Kornfield offers insights on what it means to see the goodness in others and yourself. What sort of impact can it have on that person—and yourself?

When you signup for this first video, you will also be sent the next two videos in the series with meditation teacher Tara Brach and Sounds True Founder Tami Simon.

You will also learn about a new online course by leading meditation teachers Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, The Power of Awareness.

We hope you enjoy this video series and click here to get access.

Eckhart Teachings

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