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World Synchronized Meditation For Children of Syria

Millions Around the World Join on Feb. 1st

For many of you, this is the first email you’re receiving about the prayer vigil. Welcome! In the last five days over 200,000 people have joined us through the video and the vigil website. On February 1st there will be millions of us radiating a peaceful pulse that has the power to shift the even darkest crisis. I have seen this work many times before, and with your help it will work again.

We will be on the ground overlooking the villages held by both ISIL and Hezbollah.

Imagine how committed the spiritual leaders are who are joining us for this important meditation. They will join me near a Syrian village on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights where we can view several villages currently held by either ISIL or Hezbollah. From this vantage we will offer prayers and chants from all three of the great Abrahamic traditions ~ Jewish, Christian and Muslim, as well as the local Druze religion. Then at the designated time we will pause and join with people from around the world who are sending their prayers to heal the region.

Many have said that prayer and synchronized meditation will not heal the divisions that are so deep in this region, but millions of people disagree. Scientific studies have proven the power of focused, massive intent, and now we apply it to the suffering people of Syria.

On Sunday we will send you the exact time of the meditation

For security reasons we are holding back exactly where we will be and what time we will hold the meditation. On Sunday, just two days from now, we’ll let all of you know so you can stop for 10 minutes and join us in prayer. Please continue holding us in your hearts as we prepare the way. Click HERE to register your attendance


Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama

We received word that two of the Dalai Lama’s monasteries in India will be joining us for the meditation, including Gyuto monastery near Dharamsala. We have also reached out to Pope Francis and are confident he will join us in prayer. A personal message is being hand delivered to His Holiness, and since both of these men put such a high priority on inter-religious harmony, we are sure they are supporting us.

Speaking of harmony, Monday begins a week long celebration at the United Nations ~ Inter-religious Harmony Celebration. This is an auspicious time for so many dedicated people to be radiating their prayers of peace.

Have you seen the video? Spread the word to the world!

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ZaZuMa! Sirian for “heartfelt Gratitude”

Sheldan and I want to thank everyone who supports PAO by attending our webinars. We are delighted to know that you resonate with the messages and how it helps to prepare you for the coming changes. This month’s message was from the Cetaceans ~ one of joy, celebration and expansion. Many did not know that it was the galactic Cetaceans that chose Humans to be land guardians for Gaia as well as spreading Humans throughout our galaxy for peace. The more informed we are, the more prepared we are to help our friends, family and communities understand the Divine plan as it unfolds before our very eyes.

Here’s some feedback we received:

I’m reeling from the learning about the importance the Cetaceans play in Human’s evolution. Fascinating stuff. Love your webinars, Sheldan. Joe N.

Greetings Sheldan, Great gratitude to you for the Cetacean information. I feel more merged with them , more aware, and more gentleness within. Joy

I loved the webinar! I’m so connected to the cetaceans that it was just a very special treat to be in that energy for the length of your webinar. When can I access a replay of it? I was so busy soaking up the energy, I didn’t take notes until the very end. Now I want to remember what I heard. Thanks so much for all you do Sheldan and Colleen, Betsy



Every month we release for downloading a previous live webinar to add to your library. Tonight we are offering the archive for SIRIANS ~ GUARDIANS OF THE GREAT BLUE LODGE.

We realize that Sheldan’s DVD, Tour of a Sirian Mothership, is the perfect companion to the SIRIAN webinar.

PAO is offering you a SPECIAL SIRIAN BUNDLE. We put together the Sirian webinar archive and the Sirian DVD for the special price of $39.95 plus free shipping and handling. This is a limited time offer so order your Sirian Bundle today.


Sirians: Guardians of the Great Blue Lodge now ready for downloading…

Webinar Preview: My Sirian Education

In his youth, Sheldan was educated by the Sirians, who prepared him to be a herald of the Galactic Federation.

During this Webinar he explains why they are so pivotal in advancing us towards our Galactic future.

Topics include…

• Origins of the Sirians.
• The Sirians educate Sheldan
• Sirians: Guardians of the Sacred Blue Lodge
• Sirian role in Lemuria and later Egypt
• Sirian influence on humanity after the fall of Atlantis
• Sirian Starseeds
• Sirian/Cetacean Connection
• Their role with Gaia and our Galactic Future

To order Webinar 69 Archive: Click Here

Price: $13.95 U.S.

Sirius Bundle Ad 2

Sheldan Nidle Takes You on a Personalized Tour of a Sirian Mothership

Beam Aboard for the Trip of a Lifetime

Tour Highlights:

• Up and Away • The Wonders Begin
• Walking Through the Valleys of Magic
• Living the Dream 
• Adrift in the Cosmic Garage
• Music and Joy Like Never Imagined
• A Land of Food and Abundance
• The Wonders of their Science
• Partaking of their Knowledge 
• Time to Bid Adieu

Sirian Bundle price: $39.95 plus free shipping for DVD

To order, click HERE

If you are interested in only ordering “Tour of Sirian Mothership”, for $26.95 plus shipping and handling, click HERE


BREAKING NEWS…The Global Reset is finally being OFFICIALLY announced by Christine LaGarde, IMF Chairman

This is very good news indeed. Some may not understand the importance of this announcement. Here’s a short video, including the clip of Christine LaGarde’s official announcement that the Global Reset has been activated. This affects currency revaluations as well.

Reminder: Everything is a process. Just because she activated the global currency reset does not mean tomorrow all global currencies have reset to the gold standard. However, this is a Victory ~ a major step forward!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.57.21 PM

Note: Sheldan has been covering all the aspects of NESARA and GESARA for years now. One of his webinar archives,Welcoming Disclosure, explains what we can expect as the Divine plan unfolds.

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