The review of 2015 and ignition of 2016

 December 31, 2015 – Méline Portia Lafont


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Precious hearts and Love Tribe,

It has been a powerful year of change, transformation and release. The month of December alone implied the most intense and profound process of release so far, especially on the emotional level.

I, personally, have seen many things erupting from my subconscious levels to present themselves onto my current reality. And they have been powerful and clear to say the least! Things I thought that I had released and healed a long time ago came up again which made me think that this is a repetitive cycle. The first reaction initially was to push these away and say: “no, not again! This has been done ages ago.” But as persisting as these emotions were, it became clear to me very quickly that I had to take a closer look and embrace them to be able and release some more.


As this has been going on for over 3 weeks now and is still going on at present I have quickly understood that these were parts and bits coming from the subconscious mind that I was not aware of they were still lingering there at all. And furthermore, they needed to be reviewed, embraced and released for good. This is what this emotional shift was all about in the month of December: to release deeper embedded layers of the old you. As a matter of fact I personally felt this to be a final cleansing of ALL old parts of SELF. I instinctively knew and felt, right from the start, that I will not be the same person anymore than I was before. I mean, this goes so deep that nothing of the old will remain present. It feels to me like a resurrection into a whole other level of being and frequency while burning all bridges behind me. There is no way of going back and continue holding certain views and parts of the Self.


I am currently experiencing this shift of emotional release non stop without a breather. I would go to bed and ask every night to release a set of old layers and parts that I am not conscious of. And so every night 3 parts were being revealed to me during my dream state. I could remember them all in the morning and so during the day I would start working on releasing these consciously. Always by recognizing and acknowledging these first to have been a part of me in order to release. Release can only be done through unity and not through separation. So instead of pushing these away, we embrace them in unity and oneness, recognizing it is yourself into a form of perception or a feeling to then experience the merging of this in Love and Unity which is setting this free on itself.


Layers after layers have been released for weeks now in my fields, without a breather, which left my body tired to process this all. Emotions are present all around, I can assure you of that! I am sure many of you will recognize yourselves in this. Fears popped up out of nowhere and they were very profound once they found their way to the surface! A true re-living of them as an experience but very quickly understood as a remembrance and not a true current existence. That is the pitfall in this all: it is very easy to be blown away by these erupting feelings and fears leading you to believing they are real. They are not, they are just a part of you that once was and is now leaving your fields as a remembrance. To take these remembrances for real will actualize them as such in your reality. It is to understand the process of release and how it works and usually we re-live these facets as a kind of instant pop-up because they are leaving our vibrational fields. This is conscious release which is more challenging that processing all of this in the subconscious mind and during our sleep.


On the other hand just because we are becoming the Masters that we are, this more and more each moment and day, we will experience all things on a conscious level for that is what Mastery is all about: to BE conscious.




Balance and FOCUS are once more key to be able and function as the conduit that you are. Our vessels are the Temples to pass through all the Love, Light and Truth one is and this through the levels of what One CAN BE at this time in this reality. What you are able to hold as Light and information is what you are in consciousness and as a level of vibration.


This is what we all have been preparing for: the true resurrection phase! And it has begun NOW. The proof lies in the process of throwing everything out of your fields this precise moment. We are resurrecting and unfolding into a beautiful new way and order of Light Being.


2015 has proven to have been a challenging year for many, this especially on the emotional and relationship levels. Another year of preparation and change to bring us all into a higher octave and vibrational expansion. Our Solar system is ready for the big change and shift and therefore Earth and all of us must participate in this Grand changeover and do our work on personal and collective levels to facilitate this all and steer things in the right direction. Ascension is the Key in this all and so we contribute each in our own unique way and level of understanding.




2016 will be a year of completion in the sense that 2016 will finish and close off what we have instigated and marked on December 21st 2012. A 3 year cycle of preparation will be closed and finished during the year 2016. On December 26th, 2016 another 3 level cycle will be completed which implies the energies that were instigated on the equinox of March 2015. Many thought, including myself, that the final Blood Moon in September 2015 would be the closure/completion of the equinox March 2015 energies but I was shown by AA Michael that this was not the case. I could not share this yet as this information would not have been welcomed, I feel now it will. He explained and showed me very clearly the date 12/26/2016 which kept on emphasizing the closure of something to bring forth the new into the physical realms. Those who know me well know that I do not work with dates (I do not like that nor trust dates at all) but since it is repeatedly being shown to me by AA Michael, I shared this info with my dear brother Bill Ballard and siSTAR Sandra Walter during one of our skype talks. Since they were feeling and receiving other but rather similar information that was pointing out to this time frame (December Solstice), I felt strong enough to share this now with you all. But again: NEVER relate on time for all are opportunities and time frames where energies are being presented to us all which can play out and come about in ways depending on the collective consciousness.


During the spring equinox on March 2015 there were Solar Christed energies anchored here on Earth. A 6 month period of time was given to integrate these through all the multidimensional bodies, spheres and Temples on Earth. We as Gatekeepers, way showers and light workers had to first integrate these levels within ourselves to be able and anchor these on Earth. The final Blood moon (last one of four in a row) anchored these energies that were instigated during the March equinox of 2015. This was the second level of a 3 level cycle and thus activated the Solar Christ within all to be anchored. This is what is currently happening and taking place within all.


I was shown that during a time frame around December 26th 2016 the completion of this will be activated and anchored for the entire world, marking a completion of a cycle which will instigate a portal activation in 2017 to be able and experience/BE the full conscious Solar Christ on certain levels that are available for each man, woman and child on this Earth through their own vibrational fields and inner Christed child. Those who will be able to hold higher levels shall then have a greater experience of this opportunity and be able to embody certain higher levels within the Solar Christed form.


I personally feel that from that point on things will become more tangible on the Earth realms like fruits harvested from a hard labor during several years of preparation. Although 2016 has already given me a super powerful nudge to start co-creating with others by means of collectively coming together and bringing our knowledge and creativity to the table. I am being guided to bring out some entirely new information and to co-create such creations with others as well because I have seen many receiving the same inner nudge and all of us have already started to create some new things that are available to be accessed.
I and others that I am aware of have been (and still are) collecting new information which we are clueless of what to do with quite yet. So 2016 for me will be around focusing on the inner journey and preparing to bring these out at the right and most appropriate time when the collective is more open for it. It is all in the making and this will be brought out in time when we receive the nudge to share. In the meantime invite yourselves to access your inner knowledge as well to help build and create these beautiful new opportunities through your own Beingness. No other Being is going to do this for us, we are all responsible for our own outcome and disclosure. Waiting for it has no use! Take matters into your own hands and realise that everything is already dwelling within you as the Universe that you represent and ARE.


I am currently working on some VERY interesting and a whole new kind of information which has been coming in since May 2015. It is of such a new extended viewpoint that it comes in slowly whenever I AM ready enough and in resonance with this frequency to receive. This means that I have to throw away all of my insights, perceptions, feelings and gained teachings on a regular base to be able and receive new info. A whole process it is indeed and I am already so exited to bring this all out in the open to you in a format that assists all for their highest good. But all in Divine timing, I continue collecting it all and when I receive the nudge to share you will see it appear! I have to say it is fantastic, mind-blowing information that is very new and a unique event for this Solar system. So more about this later on..


I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you for your lovely hearts and Presences as for without you we would never be were we are in this NOW. Know that each and everyone of you is unique in your own way and the way you represent yourself in this lifetime matters. You all matter and you all are here to assist in your own way.


I have received so much support, love and understanding! Your donations, your friendships and your support have given me the strength to continue my spiritual work, for which I AM grateful! All the time and energy spent in blogging other’s work, writing, channeling, making videos and music meditations has become a large part of my life. To see all your support by reading it, sharing it and exchanging it has been greatly appreciated over the years! Thank you! Together we create a balance to be able and continue to give free work and tools as well.


My best wishes to all of you, precious hearts. Have a beautiful new year and wave of integration/activation/resurrection … wherever phase you may linger in! Your hearts are the most beautiful gifts there are, stay in touch with it and be open.

Love, eternal Grace and gratitude
In love and Light
Méline Portia Lafont


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